Friday, June 01, 2007

Use your imagination!

I took a walk today. I meant to take my camera so that I could take pictures of the city, but I forgot it. As I was walking I passed an Alpha Romeo car dealership, and I noticed an employee in the parking lot with an armload of trash. Car dealerships in Turkey don't have the huge parking lots of cars for sale. The dealership was in the bottom floor of an apartment building, and there was a parking lot that held about 5 cars right in front of the dealership. This guy just walked to the edge of the parking lot and threw the trash in the street. Right in front of me. There were candy wrappers, a couple of water bottles, and a piece of a newspaper. I couldn't believe it. The funny thing is that it would only take a small gust of wind to blow the trash back onto the lot. He didn't even try to take it to the corner or throw it over a fence...just threw it where it had literally inches to be back in the parking lot. I wished I had my camera.

I took a bus home from the city this afternoon. While on the bus I witnessed an almost accident. Our bus cut someone off and the car's tires squealed and hit a curb before coming back into traffic. I was sitting in a bus seat in the rear of the bus that faces the back of the bus so I saw the whole thing. The bus continued until the next bus stop which was just a few feet further up the road. The car pulled over and the guy who was the passenger in the car got out and started running toward our bus. The driver of the car got out and looked at his tire before heading in our direction. The bus driver got out and met them right outside of my window. They all raised their voices and yelled about who was at fault and the bus driver even put his hand out to keep the other guys away from him. I kept thinking that they were going to get into a fight right there. I couldn't believe that nobody from the bus got off to try to "help" the situation. After a couple of minutes of screaming at each other they all headed back to their vehicles, and we were on our way. I did notice that our bus driver seemed to drive more recklessly after the incident. I think he was in a hurry since he had stopped for longer than planned so he tried to make up for it by going as fast as he could through the rest of the traffic. I was thankful nobody else got in his way! I would have loved to have taken a picture of the guys yelling at each other.

Next time I will bring my camera!


Gina said...

I'm shocked you don't have MORE accidents than you do....can't even imagine driving like that here! We would need MUCH more police than we have now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I can picture it. I have a picture of some taxi drivers yelling at each other -- at 2 am! Guess where I was.