Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Rugs

During our shopping trip yesterday we went to a used rug store. Actually, it was a basement store with 6-8 vendors selling used rugs. I had seen several rugs that others had bought from this place so I was prepared to purchase a rug if I found one I liked. I ended up finding two that I really liked that were very similar. I kept walking from one vendor to the other to compare them. Finally, I asked if they could open them up next to each other so I could decide. My friends and I decided that they looked good together and that neither one would look that great with either of the existing rugs I had in my salon. So since I couldn't decide between the two I decided to get them both. The old rugs are being picked up today to be cleaned, and then one of them is going to be put in our bedroom. I'm still not sure what to do with the other one at this point! Below are before and after pictures!

The old rugs

The new rugs. The one in the living area has a sheen on it that when seen from one direction looks darker and from the other direction looks lighter. That is not a stain under the table leg. The short pile is just brushed the opposite direction from the pile around it.

Close-up of the rug in the living area of the room

A close up of the rug under the dining room table. You can see why I needed to see them next to each other!


Sharon said...

Love the rugs! One of these days I'm going to come see you and go shopping!

Gina said...

I like them! Why not just ship the old one you don't want to me?? =)