Monday, September 24, 2007

One party after another!

Our most wonderful and truly delightful friend, Derya, is moving! Actually she is just going away for a few years to get her doctorate, but it feels like she is leaving for good! 3 years is a long time! So to celebrate Derya we had a weekend of parties. Brian calls them "kiss off" parties!

Party #1 - Derya (green shirt) worked with most of these people at some point during the last 5 years! She put together marble mosaics with 3 of them, taught Turkish to 6 of them, cried with 4 of them, fought with 4 of them, but loves all of them! Just look at the smile on her face...maybe she's happy to be leaving this mixed up, messed up group! Hmmmm....

Party #2 - Friends...notice Brian and I made it to both parties! We did a great job of weaseling our way into Derya's work and friend circles!

For party #2 Liz made these great shirts with Derya's face on them! I love it! I almost wore it to church the next day. Now anytime we have a get together and miss Derya I can just wear my shirt and send her pictures! It will be like she's celebrating with us! Brian just thought we were getting rid of Derya with these "kiss off" parties...but he was wrong!


Gina said...

Is Brian dye-ing his moustache??

Natalie said...

No, Brian isn't dye-ing his moustache. For some reason it isn't as gray as his head hair. His dad is exactly the opposite. Moustache more gray than hair.

Natalie said...

After writing my comment I decided to look up the word moustache/mustache. It can be spelled either way...which I was thinking, but felt the need to see for myself!