Sunday, September 16, 2007

More Ramadan Fun

Every morning during the month of Ramadan a drummer walks the streets of our city to wake people up for one more meal before the day of fasting begins. He has been coming by our building between 3 and 3:30am beating his drum to wake people up. I don't really enjoy being awakened by someone beating a drum in the middle of the night, but because we have lived in Turkey for 5 years we have gotten used to it being part of what goes on during Ramadan. We usually hear the drummer every morning for about a week and then we learn to sleep through it. Last night I set the camera out so that when the drummer woke me up I could take a video of him going down the street. Here is what I captured at 3:10am. The video is dark...because it is the middle of the night! You can hear the drummer but will probably not be able to see him very well, because he fades into the darkness! You also can see and hear a car alarm go off when he passes by.

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Anonymous said...

YUCK! How does one apply for THAT job! That would drive me to earplugs.
thanks for getting up to share!

Amy said...

So, did you have a snack since you were up?

Gina said...

It reminds me of a train going down the tracks; loved the car alarm going off. Guess that wouldn't have happened 20yrs ago, huh??