Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I want to write. I feel the need to create. I feel full. The problem I have is that it is just full...not full to overflowing. Many times when I feel this way I start to write and something spills out. I've felt the need to write for several weeks and have spent many moments staring at my computer or a piece of paper and nothing drips over the edge of full. I've written several uninspired messes over the last couple of weeks. Some I shared, but most were filed in the bathroom trash can. I think my muse is emotion...generally a overwhelmingly happy feel good thing...although deep despair does wonders as well. I haven't felt great tides of emotion sweep over me in the last several weeks. I have felt many things, but none to the point of overflow. I go to France on Sunday for a full week. I am extremely excited about that. I find myself almost overflowing just thinking about it. Maybe my muse is there.

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