Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bulgaria...first thoughts

We're in Bulgaria. We made it! There are stories to tell, but no time to tell them. Last night we stayed in a hostel which is basically like a dormitory. We had two rooms...more hotel style. Twin beds though. Also the bathroom in the hall is shared by all the rooms. With 11 people we pretty much take up all the space so we don't have to share with anyone that we don't know. We had to eat breakfast in shifts, because there weren't enough plates for us all or space around the table for that matter. The room our friends stayed in had one set of bunkbeds and 4 twin beds. They all had a bed at least...that was better than the night before where two of them had to sleep on the floor! We are planning on staying here again tonight. It is cheap and we are cheap so it works out well. I will have pictures available when I get back home.

Yesterday we went to the zoo. I think the kids we brought were the wildest thing we saw! Well, there were wolves and prairie dogs. There were cages with signs that said they held bears, but they must have been hibernating, because we never saw them. Thankfully we only paid 60 cents for adults and 30 cents for kids to get in the zoo. There were several playgrounds that the kids were quite happy with so all was not lost.

Having fun and eating pork so I can't complain! LLL

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