Friday, April 13, 2007

Life these days

I have been busy. I cleaned like a madwoman for three days. On Monday, I shampooed the living room furniture and kitchen chairs plus washed the living room curtains...or at least two layers of them. The outer layer I just vacuumed because I wasn't sure how they would wash. On Tuesday I loaded up our new bookshelves, cleaned out several things that needed going through, and cleaned our balcony. It was a major endeavor! On Wednesday I started in the morning and literally didn't sit down or stop for 6 hours. I went from one room to the next picking up whatever the kids hadn't picked up, dusting, vacuuming, and mopping. Plus the bathrooms, changing the sheets, cleaning the hallways and kitchen. It was crazy! It was a very busy few days.

Why did I do so much cleaning? We have guests. A new family has just moved to Turkey, and they are staying with us a few days until they find an apartment and have enough furniture to be able to move in. That may just mean mattresses on the floor at first because they literally need to buy everything. Living room furniture, all appliances, bedroom furniture, dishes...the works! They will be shopped out before they are finished I'm sure!

The new family has four children so there are 12 people in our house. It has been fun! The kids have had tons of fun with friends on an extended sleepover. Their kids have done remarkably well with adjusting to a different place and a different time zone. And so far everyone has gotten along great!

I won't be on the computer as much while they are here so the blogs will be fewer. I still have some pictures from Bulgaria and a few other things to share. I will do that as soon as I get a chance!

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Amy said...

Your post made me laugh. Every time I tell my kids to clean their rooms (and I have to say "pick up your dirty clothes, change your sheets, dust, vacuum, clean your bathroom) they ask me if we are having company. That's definitely when our house gets the best cleaning. Brian and Caleb are out of town this weekend so my goal is to clean, clean, clean so they (Brian) will come home to a clean house. It will make him soooo happy. Now I just have to get up and get busy! Thanks for the reminder.