Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bulgaria in Pictures

After 7 boothes we were finally welcomed into Bulgaria. We had to stop to get out of Turkey...passports stamped saying we were leaving, prove that the car belonged to Brian, and purchase insurance for the car to be able to leave the country. Then we had to stop several times before we would be allowed into Bulgaria...get our passports stamped to say we were entering, show the car insurance, have the car inspected, and another time that I don't even remember the reason for. We were also sprayed lightly to disinfect the car before it entered Bulgaria. That was comical, because it was like someone spit on us...a few drops of some sort of liquid landed on the car and all of a sudden it was clean and disinfected from all the germs they have in Turkey!

Our first meal in Bulgaria was at Pizza Hut. It was delicious! I am not a huge pizza fan, but the real pork pepperoni, and the fact that there was sauce on the pizza was wonderful!

We also ordered these little sausages. Yummy!

This is our crew going out to explore the first morning we were there. I wondered what the locals thought of us.

Brian and the kids wondering "y" there is a letter y attached to the top of this car. We saw several of these, and Brian commented that "y, is a question I ask myself daily."

We spent a lot of time playing at the park. This park was at the zoo.

This is the room that Anna Grace and I shared at the hostel. We paid for a private room with two beds. Notice the pile of books under the side on the bed on the right. I think they were holding the bed up! And notice that there is no real curtain in the window. The two strips of cloth that hung there were not even as wide as the window and no match for the light and noise from outside. The city trolleys went up the street outside the window and their electric wires were about the same height as the window. There were occassional flashes of light when the trolleys went by. I'm not sure what they were, because they didn't happen everytime the trolley went by...just sometimes. Maybe power surges??? Also we had to turn out the lights to change clothes because there were buildings across the street that could see right into our windows at night if the light was on!
This is Brian and the boys' room. There was another twin bed behind the TV so Will convinced Brian to let him have the queen-sized bed.

The room that the other family rented. 6 twin beds in one room.

Soldiers "guarding" a building. They did some marching around and changing of positions every little bit to stretch their muscles I guess.
More later.

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