Monday, April 30, 2007

Yummy chocolate goodness!

Right after we left the states in January our church was having a ladies retreat. I knew that I wouldn't be able to go because of our plans to return to Turkey in mid-January. When our plans started getting pushed back I entertained the idea that I might be able to attend. No such luck. The retreat was the weekend of Jan. 26 and we left Jan. 24. I was really sad to miss it. Rooming with good friends, listening to a great speaker, and the promise of a chocolate fountain. I told the kids about the chocolate fountain, and Will seemed sad that he hadn't been invited to the retreat!

Since we have been back I've thought often of those friends and that chocolate fountain. Last week we were shopping at a mall here in town and I passed by a trendy appliance store called Tefal. In the window I saw something that I thought might be a chocolate fountain! No way! I convinced Brian to go into the store with me to get a better look. It was a chocolate fountain! It was bright orange and considered to be in their kids line of appliances. I thought that was crazy. I know kids love chocolate, but give them a candy bar and they're happy. Molten chocolate goodness and women just go together. Anyway... The fountain wasn't too expensive so we bought it with big plans to use it the following Sunday night when we were having guests. Sunday night arrived and I was prepared with a recipe for chocolate fondue. I made the fondue on the stove like the recipe said and poured it in the fountain base. We had strawberries, bananas, cookies, and three flavors of cake to dip in the fountain. I turned on the heat to warm the fountain up. Then after the 5 minute preheat time I turned on the motor. Get ready for some supreme chocolateness. The motor started and seemed to be really loud. I didn't know these fountains were so noisy. A slight odor started coming from the fountain and the chocolate wasn't flowing at all. Smoke started coming from the base of the fountain. I turned it off for a second and started to reread the directions. Did I miss something? The directions said that there would be a slight odor and smoke might be possible the first time it was used. Okay, good. Things are going well then. The fountain was turned back on, and we waited. Smoke started billowing from the bottom of the fountain, and the motor didn't sound quite right. And the chocolate still wasn't flowing. After about a minute we turned it off and poured the chocolate back into the pot. The kids were disappointed that the fountain didn't work, but the chocolate tasted just as good poured from a spoon!

Waiting for a taste.

The chocolate fountain. Someone was impatient and dipped a strawberry in the base. Notice the smoke coming from the base!

The kids around the pot of chocolate.

Thankfully the fountain came with a one year warranty. I did notice after cleaning the fountain and trying it without any chocolate in it that the motor was running, but the internal screw wasn't turning at all. I'm taking it back and getting another one to try. I'm hoping mine was just a lemon!

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Gina said...

Oh..but the chocolate was SOOO good. Man..my mouth is watering just thinking about it! I do hope you can get one that works!!