Monday, April 23, 2007

Random Pictures

Just thought I would share some pictures of my kids with our houseguests' kids. As you can see they have been having lots of fun!

The boys being Men in Black...or Boys in Brown, Rust, and Yellow. I'm not sure what the ponytails are for! Jacob's almost looks cute which means he needs a haircut!

The girls wearing as many of Anna Grace's clothes as they could put on! I did have quite a time making them fold everything and put it all back in the right drawers.

And since I haven't shared any of our Easter pictures here are a couple...

The kids at Easter after hunting for eggs.

A not so flattering picture of me and a good picture of Amanda on Easter Sunday. I was not feeling well that morning so I didn't go to church and then never changed out of my sweats or put on make-up for the get-together.

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