Monday, April 13, 2009


Remember this picture?

It's the fun kids from this post. The ones in our family who don't have glasses.

Well, I have an update.

Yeah. Seriously.

They don't have to wear them all the time though. Just for seeing the board in school. And driving...which neither of them know how to do yet. Will said he couldn't believe how clear everything was. It was like looking through a really clean window.

And I guess I should admit that my almost 40 year old eyes are beginning to act like...well...almost 40 year old eyes. I am noticing that if things are too close they are blurry. I don't need reading glasses yet, but I am holding my book a little farther away than normal. Big sigh. REALLY big sigh.


Mamadallama said...

Glasses are just another fashion accessory! I wore contacts for years, then went to glasses and I love them. The kids look great!

Lost In Splendor said...

Oh no! I used to be one of the only two in my family sans glasses, but that changed a few years ago. I still don't wear them most of the time, but I really should start. Now one of my brothers is the only one without.

Jason, as himself said...

Bad eye sight has nothing to do with age. So don't feel bad.

When is your birthday?

Natalie said...

mamadallama - i agree...they look great! i will be interested to hear what the other kids think though. will is very concerned about being classified as a nerd. he's as far from a nerd as anyone! i told him that glasses don't make someone a nerd. he believes me...kinda.

lost in splendor - i know what you mean! and really i figure if you can see better with glasses by all means wear glasses! if will and erica end up needing them all the time i think they will switch to contacts. for now that isn't necessary!

jason - well...i do wonder. i had lasik several years ago and never had any issues. and i never had problems with seeing things close up before. i was always nearsighted. my birthday is august 4. only 4 more months until my 30's are a thing of the past!

bernthis said...

I knew it was for glasses when i could no longer read the back of a medicine bottle.

Amy said...

Yeah, it hit me hard about a year ago. It seems like all of the sudden up close everything was a blur. And as for medicine bottles, it just looks like they have lines on the back. Now I am having trouble reading directions on food packages. *sigh* I think I am going to have to invest in several pair of reading glasses so I can have one in each room. I do have one pair of prescription reading glasses but I usually don't want to bother with getting them out of my purse. Oh, and i did invest in a small magnifying glass (with a light) that I carry in my purse as well.

Sra said...

I had perfect vision until I was 18, when I started to detect a slight blur in one eye. My doctor was amazed I could even detect it. Ever since then my vision has steadily gone downhill. I'm 26, and I'm still waiting for my prescription to level off. Hopefully one day it will so I can get Lasik.

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

Over the last 7 years, my eyes have been getting BETTER. I don't understand it, and my optometrist told me to run with it. My prescription is VERY weak, and I don't even need glasses, but I still wear them for the extra crispness of stuff.