Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday AmazingGreis, Kay, and I donned our Maddie shirts and participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies in Houston. I had never met either of these women, but like me they had been touched by the story of baby Maddie.

We joined crowds of people.

And we walked. Slowly at first, but we were able to pick up our pace as we went along.

This is the view in front of us.

And the view behind us.

We passed a butterfly garden during one portion of our walk.

So sweet.

Approaching the finish line.

Our free lunch.

I know my words are few, but I'm not sure what else to say. It was a wonderful experience, and I was honored to be able to participate. Thanks girls!


Amazing Greis said...

We did have a GRAND time. It was a great way to honor such a sweet baby girl and the entire Spohr family. I loved meeting you and Kay and hope to see you both again soon.

Maybe next time we'll have a not so free lunch! :)

Tami Wyatt said...

I read an article in the LA Times yesterday that said the Spohr baby alone generated $50,000.00 in donations.

You all ROCK!

Joy said...

Natalie, what a wonderful thing to do. I know your heart was so touched by that baby and her family. I admire you for doing this to honor her and hopefully with the funds raised a cure will be found.
God Bless,
♥ Joy

Kay Martin said...

Thank you for the post and pictures. It was indeed wonderful and an honor. Bittersweet also I think...

I very much enjoyed visiting with you and Greis. Thanks again for being such interesting walking companions!

Mamadallama said...

Thanks to you and to all who walked for the March of Dimes.

Jason, as himself said...

I'm so impressed with the incredible outpouring of love and support Maddie's parents have received. Blogs are wonderful things.

Good for you and your wonderful experience! I love that you took a picture with two ladies you didn't know, but were united in a cause.

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

That's great. Looks like the weather was nice as well.

I can't believe there were so many Maddie teams at these walks. That must send a strong message to Mike and Heather. Kudos

Andrea said...

What a wonderful event! What a blessing that you could help and share in the celebrations.

I'm a little concerned about the lunch. Couldn't they at least thrown a banana or an orange in there????

Natalie said...

andrea - they actually did have bananas and oranges available! i just chose not to eat either. i know...bad, bad girl!

Natalie said...

amazing greis - we sure did! and i'm all about a not so free lunch!

tami - i know! i was shocked at how many people were touched by maddie. thanks!

joy - it was such an easy way to honor the spohr family. i loved being a part of it.

kay - i agree. we will have to do something else sometime. preferably with more sitting involved!

mamadallama - thanks for your support!

jason - i was too! i couldn't believe it all! and i love meeting blogging buddies! next time i come out to california we need to have a blogger meet-up. there are several of you guys out there that i want to meet!

joe - the weather was a little cloudy which was fine by me! i know that mike and heather have been amazed by all that's been done. i think everyone has been surprised by it all!

~m said...

This brought tears to my eyes...

Natalie said...

~m - me too!