Monday, April 06, 2009

A whim

After all the talk about taking pictures in the bluebonnets I decided I couldn't wait until Saturday to have my turn. So today, as soon as the last kid arrived home from school, we set out to find a bluebonnet field. I knew where I had seen some on Saturday so that is the direction we went. One hour later we came to this...


And this. Oh my.

So we frolicked and took lots of fun pictures.

Notice that I didn't care what my kids wore.

Or really how they posed.

I made sure to get their individual shots as well. They chose their own poses.

As we were leaving another car pulled up and the kids piled out. All girls. All dressed in hot pink. Even the mom was dressed in hot pink. I'm sure their pictures looked fabulous! All matching and everything.

And yes, Brian and I had pictures taken in the bluebonnets as well. Will took them. I wore sweats and no make-up. Brian worked the camera. Will even said that Brian was made for the camera, but I'm not going to show those pictures here. Oh, ok. I'll show one. but I cut out part of it for a very good reason. Trust me.

Now I'll never have to take bluebonnet pictures again. Unless I want to that is.


Lost In Splendor said...

Love the family photos! It is still amazing to me that you can go out for a drive and come across and entire field of flowers!!

Mamadallama said...

I am so glad you went! The pictures are just great. And that includes the last one. Are we being just a bit hard on ourselves, Natalie? You look fabulous, as always. Thanks for sharing. By the way, I like casual pictures like these way better than the more posed ones and am so happy to see everyone is not in pink! (or any other 'matchy' outfits!)

Heather B. said...

I think the pictures turned out great! We don't usually match either!

Unknown said...

gosh the pics are both amazing and beautiful!

Irrational Dad said...

Oh gosh, is he hanging loose in a pair of shorts?

I dig his hat, GO BLUE!

Domestic Goddess said...

Those are such nice pics! And, WOW! Gorgeous! That's something we just don't see in PA. Though when the lilies bloom, and there are fields of 'em, it is quite spectacular. Still, nothing beats those blue bonnets! STUNNING!

Andrea said...

ahhh....my Texas bluebonnets. I have only pictures of one of my children in the bluebonnets. It was taken in 1998, just outside Abilene (in Albany). It's been that long!!

Heat, dust and tumbleweeds-don't miss.

Family, bluebonnets (and the other wildflowers), and UT football-I miss!!

Natalie said...

mamadallama - i wasn't being hard on myself i promise. it was the squatting. the way we looked totally reminded me of squatty potties in turkey. i just couldn't put something like that there!

joe - NO! i'm officially grossed out! yuck.