Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love this!

I know I haven't really written a blog post in a long time. I will. Things are churning in my head and eventually I will figure out what I want to say. But today...today I feel the need to post these pictures.

Some amazing Texas scenery.

I had to pull over to take this picture. Thankfully it was a quiet street. I was kinda wishing for a lawn chair and some lemonade so I could just sit back and enjoy it. Click on the picture for a better view.

And because I'm sure you couldn't see it very well in the first picture I zoomed in on the shed in the pasture. You gotta love Texas.

I wanted to pull over several more times, but I had places to be and people to see. One of these days I am just going to have to go driving for the sole purpose of taking pictures.


Anonymous said...

Very serene. I haven't lately, but I lovet ot go out by myself just to get pictures. It's very relaxing.

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

Ugh... I'm up here dealing with cold rain. And I don't even know what my state flag looks like.

Mamadallama said...

You're a true photographer. I am just not wired right, I guess, because it would never occur to me to take pictures as I was going somewhere, or drive around just to take pictures. I'm glad there are those of you who do, since I really enjoy them! (I'm the kind who, if I remember to take the camera with me at all, never remembers to take pictures anyway.)

Marcia said...

Out in California, our friends are astounded by the socks I picked up in Clifton, the Norwegian capital of Texas -- crossed Norwegian and Texas flags! Love that shed. Love that Texas!

Melanie said...

It's very pastoral, isn't it? Not what I pictured Texas looking like. Pretty!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Sometimes I feel that way too. I should pull over, instead of whipping out my camera to try to click at something at 60 mph! But then what would I have blogged about today? - LOL!

Pretty pictures!

~m said...

I love cows.

Mommy Boots (formerly KarmaPearl) said...

Hi there! Just stopping in and returning the "hi" comment on my blog! At first when I saw your name, I thought, "Now why is my blog telling me that I'm commenting on my own blog? Wait, I didn't comment on my own blog. SOMEONE HACKED MY ACCOUNT I'M CALLING THE INTERNET POLICE"

And then I saw that your name is Natalie too, and now I'm no longer scared and am not going to call the feds because they'd probably think I was crazy anyway.

So, hi!

LiteralDan said...

I love scenes like this, too. I just want to lay down in a freshly plowed cornfield and take a nap, sometimes.

becky marshall said...

Yeah, you're right...you gotta love Texas. Never intended to, but after living here most of my life it sort of grew on me. Question to LiteralDan, though -- wouldn't lying in a freshly plowed cornfield be a bit awkward? I have visions of corn stalks poking in my back. But love the smell of that fresh plowed dirt, just the same.

Natalie said...

citizen - i know. i love that type of relaxing!

joe - sorry about the weather. and texans are VERY proud of their flag!

mamadallama - thanks for the compliment. i have to be in the mood for sure. i used to take my camera everywhere, but now that we are in the states i don't seem to do that as much.

marcia - i bet! me too!

reluctant housewife - i can't tell you how many times we heard those exact words while we were in turkey. everyone expected to see cowboys and dust i think. and not all of texas looks like that. we also have cowboys and dust.

nanny goats - i know! i have to pull over though. i cannot multi-task to save my life. i would have a wreck for sure!

~m - me too!

karmapearl - i know what you mean. i'll see a comment on someone else's blog and be all...i don't remember saying that! why are we so self centered? there are other natalies in the world. i forget that sometimes.

literaldan - i've never napped in a freshly plowed cornfield. i think i would be scared of snakes.

becky - i do. i love texas.