Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Links to stories you might have missed.

1. Pugly is still peeing in the toilet. She will stop doing it for awhile, but she always starts back up again. We have figured out that when the liter box hasn't been cleaned in awhile she decides to stop using it and use the toilet instead. We don't clean the liter box near often enough since it is on the balcony in a corner, and we are lazy.

2. I wrote blog posts about two of my children yesterday but don't currently have anything to say about the other two. If you feel bad for them then click and read these posts. Note...Erica is 15 and doesn't do anything weird or crazy since she is so grown up. (I have to say that because she actually reads the blog sometimes and because she would be embarrassed if I put too much about her on here.)

3. For those interested in our first food review click here.

4. And so Brian isn't left out here are a few links to posts where he is featured. These will make you laugh for sure!

5. I never do anything crazy or funny so there.

6. And just because I don't want you to think that I only pimp my own blog here are just a few links to posts that cracked me up from other bloggers. Ah...laughing again from reading these!


Anonymous said...

Ohmigosh! How funny! Good way to catch up on your blogging since I'm so new to the site. I couldn't make myself listen to Scarlett's singing though, especially after seeing how incompacitated it left Brian. Or is it Brain? LOL Funny stuff. And, of course, all your children are beautiful. And you are a great shopper...in any language!


Real Houseplants said...

I appreciated the quick trip through some of your posts to catch me up. Our husband's could be buddies, or maybe not, because no one laughs at my husband's jokes as much as he does. Although his "goof factor" is most endearing as your Brian's appears to be.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with pimping your own blog?

Go ahead... click the link ;)

The Over-Thinker said...

I am FROM!! I am FROM!! This just made my day, thank you!

And I can't get over #1. That cat's an evil genius.

Natalie said...

mamadallama - glad you enjoyed it. i was being lazy so i just linked to old posts. i enjoyed rereading some of them!

arizona albino - brian is pretty goofy. of course i love that! makes for great blogging material and it makes me laugh!

pete dunn - nothing...not a thing is wrong with it. i clicked...

over-thinker - well...you are one of my favorite bloggers for sure! you deserved that FROM!

and i know...that cat...it is amazing really.

HeyJoe said...

Man that HeyJoe guys is pretty funny. I need to start reading his blog.


Natalie said...

heyjoe - i know. (and you noticed i linked you in this post...oooohhhhh....)