Friday, September 19, 2008

some pictures

I am suffering from a cold and cough so while I recover my posts will be short and mostly pictures. So many pictures from our trip. I promise not to bore you with them for long.

While in France we took a little road trip. We saw some beautiful places and countryside. These pictures are of the fortified city of Carcassonne. There were shops and restaurants all throughout the city. For some reason I didn't take pictures of those.

I think there was a smudge on the camera lens. Several of my pictures have a blurry spot right in the middle.

These pictures are of the never-ending vineyards we passed on our trip. I had to ask to pull over so I could get up close and personal with the grapes. Truly beautiful.

Ok. More later.


LiteralDan said...

That makes me badly want to go pick up some grapes at the store. Did you know they grow them there, too? Though I grant you your views were much more scenic.

Feel better soon!

Your Pal Pinki said...

Sorry about your French cold. That's the part I hate about traveling, I always get a cold on one end of the trip. Must be all the germs on planes and trains and such. Hope you feel better and feel free to share, share, share all those awesome pics. We don't have castles here in California...unless you count that crazy guy's house off highway 80 he's been building since I was a little girl. He has palm trees and fairy lights, so it's cool.

Hillary said...

I went to Carcassonne 4 years ago - it is still one of the coolest places I've ever been to. Did you stay inside the city walls? I stayed at the Best Western when I was there - it was so bizarre to be in the medieval walled-city and be staying at a Best Western.

Anonymous said...

I got to stomp those grapes in Solvang a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately the grape harvest is down all over CA due to cooler temps???
Ask Pinki who that guy is on Hwy80 Hurst Castle is on Hwy 1, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The red door on the 3rd picture, has a heck of a step off. I wonder what was there before?

I had to redo the comment and you probably know why....

The Over-Thinker said...

If you ever need a tag-along on one of your trips may I be the first to say:


Beautiful photos!!

Anonymous said...

Just looked back through the travel photos - looks like a great trip!

Mentanna said...

so are you blaming the smudge on the picture of you at carcassone on the photographer? hmmm, are you? enjoying the pics.

Natalie said...

literaldan - i know. i didn't actually pick any grapes to taste, but i sure thought about it! i wondered if anyone would care about me walking along the edge of their vineyard.


pinki - i started getting a cold on friday but just kept going. it pretty much knocked me out when i got home!

my mother-in-law wants to know who the guy is on hwy 80. she is the anon comment below.

hillary - we didn't stay in carcassonne...we moved on to narbonne for the evening. i did see the best western though. it was funny to see that in the midst of frenchness!

anon - i heard about that grape stomping business! sounds fun! if pinki doesn't respond here i'll ask on her blog.

charlie girl - i know. i love that picture. comment taken care of.

over-thinker - when i get to the states i may have to take you up on that offer! we could have a blast i must say!

citizen - it was great. so much so!

mentanna - nope...never. the photographer was perfectly perfect.

Your Pal Pinki said...

Anon-yep, Hearst Castle is on 1, I've never seen it so it only exists in pics for me. LOL Don't know who has the castle on 80. It's just always been there getting bigger every year and never complete.