Monday, September 01, 2008

Conference photography

So by now you've all heard about how I went to a conference last week. And you may recall that that there was a nasty stomach bug going around at this conference. Since the children who were sick weren't allowed to mingle with the children who were well there were a lot of bored sick kids hanging around their rooms.

Like this kid. He was hanging out in the corner of one of the meeting rooms with a backpack and a few toys. I handed him my camera and told him to take some pictures while he waited on his parents.

Nice use of angles.

and contrast.

There is texture. (notice the cleverly drawn game of tic tac toe)

And line. Amazing.

Then this kid got sick. So I handed him my camera to see what he would come up with.

Yes. I see what you are trying to do here. Places to go...yes...

Ok. It totally works for me. Stairs...going...upward...

Wait...what is this? Oh...the inside of your mouth. Because the food you put in it from the Restaurantlar is also traveling upward. Back out the way it went in. Very creative.

And then Will's theme was interrupted by her. A Turkish child who wanted her picture taken. Over and over and over. And she posed. Leg out. Hand up. Smiling. Pensive. At one point she told Will to take a picture of her bottom.

And that is when I turned my computer to them and used it to take a picture of Will taking a picture of her. His picture was not of her bottom. Don't worry.

And because I was stuck in my hotel room for much of the time I did quite a bit of cloud watching. I enjoyed watching them float right by my window. I opened the window and invited them to come in, but I think they heard about that nasty bug because they declined my invitation.

And that my friends is our conference experience in pictures. That is the only video I took at the conference. I took pictures as well. Three. They were all of that same mountain and the clouds and none of them were worth keeping.


and this kid....

now looks like this. Back to school meant cutting off his long blonde locks. Doesn't he look thrilled?!


Lost In Splendor said...

It's always so interesting to see what kids choose to take pictures of.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictorial! Love the before and after hair shots, both of which are awesome.


Anonymous said...

Awwww, I liked his long hair. :(

penny said...

Wow! What a difference the haircut made. He almost doesn't look like the same kid. Though that might be because of the unhappy look on his face.

Looks like the boys (and girl) had fun with the camera!

The Over-Thinker said...

Kids are awesome. Except when they're asking fellow children to take pictures of their butts. Unless they're practicing for a grand extortion scheme to be implemented when they're 15, then if so, they might be a bit evil-geniusy. I digress...

His haircut is great! Seriously, he looks like a totally different person.

Your Pal Pinki said...

My first digital camera was a portable web cam without a flash and no LCD screen, just a point and shoot and hope it comes out. The kids took some of the best pictures with that thing. We also have lots of in the mouth pics, and for some reason lots of feet shots.

Bteacher99 said...

"Restaurantlar" is one of the best examples of Turklish I have seen!

Anonymous said...

We took our kids on a trip to Costa Rica and the first thing the guide did was hand them dispoable cameras. Very clever move.

Brian said...

I wish I had that kind of talent behind the lens when I was that age. Maybe I wouldn't have given the dog a stroke from trying to take too many pictures of it. Stairs and Stripes don't get stressed...

HeyJoe said...

Why the haircut; school rules? Either way, bumhair.

Ha, get it?! Bummer!? Bumhair?!

DAMN I am funny.

Anonymous said...

LOL love the shots!


Natalie said...

sparkliesunshine - i know. you always get at least one self portrait. i love that!

mamadallama - glad to entertain you. he has nice hair...i think i liked the longer look better, but we must follow the school rules!

memarie lane - i did too. at least the haircut wasn't too short. many times we have left the barber almost in tears because they just kept cutting!

penny - i know. much of the summer highlights were cut off! poor guy. and they had fun with the camera for sure!

over-thinker - kids are awesome. i did enjoy seeing what they took pictures of later. and that little girl was speaking turkish. when she said "take a picture of my butt" in turkish i thought will was going to choke with laughter.

he's glad so many people love his haircut. it helps soften the blow of having to get it cut!

pinki - i think that is the first in the mouth shot i've ever seen on it. i had to ask what it was. i was almost scared to ask!

ms morton - i know. i laughed at that one.

citizen of the world - i think that is a great idea. i've seen people do that other places!

brian - i know. if i could only post all the pics that have been taken. so funny to me!

heyjoe - yep...school rules. totally a bumhair. will loved that one!

#2 - thanks. hope you are doing better.