Monday, May 18, 2009


Lately I feel like I've neglected this blog. I've posted pictures and the random words that go with them, but it hasn't been enough. I feel like there hasn't been much sustenance. The pictures are nice, but I can't live on a diet of pictures alone. I am starving. I need my words. Many of you know that about me. Thankfully when I have a hard time coming up with my own words I can count on my blogging friends to have words for me. I read and comment and read and email and read some more. I reread and close my eyes and let their words paint the picture of experience in my head. I've been to a parade, attended a wedding, bought a house, stepped in dog poop with my bare feet, dealt with the loss of a child, contemplated a classroom of 3rd graders, had a colon cleanse, been on a Turkish picnic, and remembered a relationship through the words of my friends in the last couple of days. Thanks to everyone for sharing your words with me.

I'm so very grateful.

(Oh...and the great thing about a virtual colon cleanse and virtually stepping in dog poop is it is so much cleaner this way. I totally recommend it!)


Amy said...

It's also a lot less messy to just CONTEMPLATE a classroom of third graders.:) xoxo

Mamadallama said...

And YOUR blog has enabled me to experience a day starting out at a disappointing farmer's market and ending in watching kid's frolic in a pool, receive a Mother's Day card from a daughter, enjoy Turkish food and view a beautiful flower garden. All very satisfying, especially the ones which are not part of my daily life. They might not seem like ideal blog fodder to you, but from my perspective, they're perfect.

Brian said...

So... I've got to travel back to 1969, steal my mojo from Doctor Evil... LOL. I don't know why, but this post totally reminded me of Austin Powers.

Sara Campbell said...


Irrational Dad said...

Yeah, you really failed with your "one picture everyday" thing ;)

Don't sweat it. You're busy with a new job. We'll keep reading!

Natalie said...

amy - i know! i taught kindergarten and 4th grade. very messy!

mamadallama - thanks! you are so sweet!

brian - you are funny! i guess i should watch that one!

sara - ;)

joe - i know! i totally failed at that one. oh well. there's always next year! thanks for reading!