Sunday, May 10, 2009

All mixed up

On Mother's Day I get to choose where we have lunch.

Last year in Turkey I chose Timboo Cafe where I enjoyed a cheeseburger with grilled onions and fries.

This year in America I chose Zamani Mediterranean Grill where I had icli kofte, sarma, and hummus.

Yeah, I've got issues.


Mamadallama said...

Happy Mother's Day, Natalie! Your choice of meals is pretty funny. I ended up making pancakes, eggs and bacon here at home. But yesterday, my husband grilled burgers for us that were delicious.

Hope you find some camping gear. Gotta get going before it's too hot!

Joy said...

I can't pronounce that stuff, but I'll trust you that it's good.
Glad you had a Happy Mother's Day.


Amazing Greis said...

Happy Mother's Day my friend. HOpe you had a FABULOUS day!

Sara Campbell said...

I'd do the same, Natalie.

C.J. Koster said...

I have tagged you in a meme.

Do it or your blog's balls will shrivel up and fall off.


maris said...

Mmm.. I could use some Icli Kofte.. I hope they were good :o)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure wanting to hold ot both cultures counts as an "issue," so enjoy.

Natalie said...

mamadallama - thanks! hope you had a great mother's day as well! bacon and eggs sounds like an awesome meal! i think that's what we're having tomorrow night!

joy - well normally it's good, but this place wasn't exactly turkish so it wasn't as good as i hoped!

amazing greis - thanks! i did! the kids pooled their money and bought me rock band 2 for the wii. i think they really wanted it, but they knew i did as well. so far...i suck at it! must go practice!

sara - i know you would!

cj - i'll get right on that. one of these days. next post maybe!

maris - well i must admit it was lacking. the sarma was ok, but the icli...well no...it wasn't the same. i miss the manti evi for sure!

citizen - well not issues maybe, but i did think it was funny that for mother's day i picked those things!