Saturday, May 16, 2009

a day

Today was a nice relaxing day. We hung around our house this morning before heading out to a local farmer's market to browse the fruits and veggies. Most of the stuff was trucked in...tomatoes from Florida, cantaloupe from Guatemala (which I realize is a very long truck ride)...so we elected to wait a couple more weeks before we tried out their produce. Hopefully some of the local stuff will be ready by then.

I brought my camera along with plans to take pictures, but since the fruit was slim pickins I never even pulled it out of my bag.

After a bite of lunch we went out to my parents' house for a little swim time. I did manage to get some pictures of the kids swimming.

Now I'm sleepy.


Sara Campbell said...

That water looks great. It went from winter to summer in 3 days here.

Mamadallama said...

Looks like a good time! The pup looks like my Gracie poodle! She's not sure if she likes our pool or not.

Lost In Splendor said...

Hopefully it will be better in a few weeks. I love farmer's markets. The Reading Terminal Market is always one of my favorite stops in Philadelphia.

Love the photos. It's so wonderful that you take so many photos of all your kids. I have only a handful of photos of me growing up. I'm the youngest of four (Like Anna Grace!) and my parents sort of gave up photographing up before I came along.

Anonymous said...

Must have been warm. We're getting weirdly cool weather right now and I'm hoping we return to warmth soon.

Domestic Goddess said...

I guess it's warm enough to swim there. It certainly isn't here! ACK!

Brian said...

How many times has the dog wound up in the pool? And that really looks like fun...

Natalie said...

sara - i heard that! crazy weather!

mamadallama - that dog is a maltese poodle mix of some sort. my mom got her from a rescue place. she wasn't crazy about the water...she was crazy about her ball!

lost in splendor - my kids have gotten used to the picture taking for sure! half the time they don't even pay attention to me anymore as evidenced by these pictures!

citizen - our weather turned cooler about 2 hours after we got out of the pool. nice!

domestic goddess - sorry. i know what that's like though for sure!

brian - she got in several times chasing after her ball. she would never get in just for fun. but she was obsessed with the tennis ball. we threw it in the pool and coaxed her in. she wasn't crazy about the idea i must say!