Friday, February 13, 2009

home decor...

Tonight I babysat for my brother and his wife so they could go out for Valentine's Day. I brought Will, Jacob, and Anna Grace with me so they could play with the cousins. They hadn't been to their house in a long time.

And now for your reading pleasure I give you a conversation that took place during the course of the evening.

Will: I love this kitchen.
Me: Why?
Will: I like the set up, and they have stainless steel appliances!

Later in the evening...

Will: The loft looks like it was decorated by Design on a Dime.
Me: ??
Will: It's so spacious and organized. And I love the colors!

I think we might be watching a tad too much HGTV at our house!


WakeGrace said...

i LOVE design on a dime!

Mamadallama said...

Awesome conversations! Don't you just love it?! Will might have his own HGTV show some day and at the very least he will have a very well decorated and organized house.

Anonymous said...

That just cracks me up!

Jason, as himself said...

We have exactly the same kinds of conversations. Giancarlo is an HGTV who---uh this blog is rated PG--he's an HGTV lady of the evening.

Anonymous said...

If he starts talking about using white to make colors "pop," you need to get him into rehab.

Irrational Dad said...

hahah... .that's awesome!! I wish I had all the extra dimes that they do, so I can redesign some of my rooms.

LiteralDan said...

I think more than one HGTV show is probably too much. And redundant-- I can never tell which show my wife is making me listen to from the others.

You should harness his skills to fix your feng shui and stuff.

Domestic Goddess said...

Sad...that's all we watch here, too. And I can tell you my house is the "WAY BEFORE". As in , Early American Goodwill Decor.

Natalie said...

wakegrace - me too! i have to admit...me too.

mamadallama - he will. he keeps telling me that he needs his own room so he can do what he wants to it. i don't have a room to give him or i might let him have a go!

emily - i know. he's funny!

jason - ha! funny stuff.

citizen - don't worry, i will. that would just be too much!

joe - me too. i need some extra dimes around here just for normal stuff!

literaldan - i should. i think he would be all about it for sure!

domestic goddess - right now our house looks ok. not an after picture, but the before isn't horrible. well...except for the berber carpet. i can't stand that, but i don't have a choice.

hana said...

so funny! will makes me laugh. and natalie, i have to say that i love the wallpaper overalls in the other post. i definitely saw a stronger resemblance between some of the kids and you as a kid. ^^