Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 70's - my look in pictures

So I was at my parents' house today. I needed to pick up a few things for my grandmother. I also wanted to look for a couple of pictures in the old photo albums. I never did find the pictures I was looking for, but I did come across a few that I had to share. I was a style maven!

Would you look at that bonnet? I mean I could seriously be giving Aretha a run for her money in the hat arena!

I had to use this picture, because my dad was the bomb!

Here we have rooster colored striped pants. You know you want some!

And wallpaper overalls.

Then there's the tragic story of my hair. Long, luscious locks the day they brought my sister home from the hospital.

At some point in the next couple of months 3 kids must have overwhelmed my mom so she did this to my hair.

I don't look very happy about it!

Am I wearing a dress or a shirt?

Note the matching Keds. A style I would repeat in high school it seems. (And the girl next to me is best friend #1, Staci.)

Here we have a lovely patriotic ensemble. This was a school production so I wasn't the only one looking so festive.

And finally. Finally we have a Shawn Cassidy t-shirt. Because come on now...Da Doo Run Run? Yeah, baby!

There were many more pictures with many more fun outfits from the 70's. Unfortunately many of them were very discolored. I didn't think they would scan well. I did find a few more to share with you though so stay tuned for more flashback fun! (How many times can I use the word more in a paragraph? How about one more!)


Joy said...

Oh Natalie, these pictures are precious. And you haven't changed a bit. You look the same. I had that same short haircut that you did. I never made the connection to my short boy haircut and the birth of my little sister.
I think I need to go call my mom.!?!


Sharon said...

Pre hair cut looks just like Erica and AG. Ray looks pretty much the same..just lighter hair and better glasses. Gotta love the garanimals!

Sra said...

Sorry about the butchery. I hate when that happens.

That last picture is so cool!

Unknown said...


I had the very same Shawn Cassidy t-shirt! OMG I had forgotten all about it. I'll have to dig for a picture when I'm home this summer.

So cool!

Anonymous said...

Natalie, this was great! I love looking at pictures. You were a gorgeous little girl - short hair or not! ;)

Mamadallama said...

Wow, was that fun! My little brother is about your age and all those pictures look so much like ones we have when he was that age. Thanks for the fun.

Mamadallama said...

Just got the mail and Lincoln was there! Thanks so much, Natalie!

Laura Marchant said...

Oh I love looking at old pictures and the fashion that kids wore. How fun that you did this.

Lost In Splendor said...

This post is ridiculously cute. OMG! I love these photos. I love seeing what people look like when they were little. The one with the bonnet? My very favorite. Aww!!!

Irrational Dad said...

That's awesome! I think I have about 3 pictures of me as a child. I need persuade my mom to start scanning them for me.

Tyler won't have that problem. I've already taken over 4000 pictures of him. I actually need to go through and delete some of them.

Anonymous said...

Love the striped pants. I had a pair that were red, white & blue. Mom has a couple of pictures of me in them at church camp! Boy were we stylin'! =)

Anonymous said...

great photos! little trip down memory lane, but i was probably closer to your dad's age than yours! love the festive star pants!

Natalie said...

joy - thanks. i can totally see my kids when i look at these pictures!

sharon - i know!

sra - i was looking good in that last picture!

headless mom - matching t-shirts! we should photoshop us together. that would be awesome!

lynn - thanks! i'm sure the short hair was easier. and as a kid it didn't look too bad!

mamadallama - you are welcome! thanks for reading!

midwest mommy - thanks for the visit!

lost in splendor - there was another one taken the same time as the one with the bonnet. the bonnet was off and i had been crying. it was cute!

joe - tyler will be overwhelmed when he has to go through his pictures for school projects. so many pictures so little time! good for you!

cheri - we so were!

friyet - maybe...but i'm thinking he is older than you by a few years anyway!