Sunday, February 22, 2009

freedom weekend

As I type this there is noise in my house. Kids talking, normal life noises, and the TV is on. I went without the sound of a TV for almost 48 hours. Without the sounds of other people in my house. It was so quiet. So still.

Erica and Will participated in Freedom Weekend with our church this weekend. Brian, Jacob, and Anna Grace went to Waco to visit his parents. And I stayed home. All alone. Talk about freedom weekend! I lived on donuts, sushi, and diet Coke this weekend. Yes, my tummy is having some regrets today, but I had to live it up. I surfed the internet, did some cleaning, and laid around a lot. I read some, drummed some, and looked at a cooking magazine. Not once did I turn on any music. It never crossed my mind. Strange, but completely enjoyable to me.

It's not often that I have extended time to myself, much less a weekend in my house, all alone, doing whatever I want. NO, actually that's NEVER happened before. So here's my question. If you could have a whole weekend alone what would you do? Some of you may get those anytime you want...what do you do? I need some ideas for next time! Yeah, like there will be a next time. HA!


Anonymous said...

donuts, sushi, and diet Coke - I do that sort of thing, too, when I'm on my own!

I never get a wole weekend, but many half-days or evenings and I suspect I'd spend a weekened in much he same way as I do the shorter amounst of time - I'd eat snacky foods, watch what I want to on TV or a movie, read some, go for walks, garden if it was nice out. I love having time to myself.

Mamadallama said...

I have always enjoyed time to myself, too. My fave ways to spend alone time are similar. Eat what I want, when I want. Bake, make soup, make bread. TV, internet, books. I like to alternate activities, leaving something then picking up on it again later. Another thing I like to do when alone is go to the grocery and go up and down each aisle, checking out new products. (Usually I shop with a list and am in and out in 10 minutes max.) I'm one of those people who is never bored though. Easily amused.

Anonymous said...

I am one of those people who would walk up and down the ditch in my neighborhood, listening to my iPod and singing when I can't see anyone else. But; I can't. -.-; sigh. I would read, I would dance around hysterically to the stereo; and I would watch Jon and Kate+8. By no means would I do freedom weekend again if not for the awesome speakers and music. I'm just not that kind of stay-up-late person. Unless I'm reading. Which I couldn't do there because the lights were off and we were watching HSM3. And I would NOT get in a saltwater hot tub. UGH. For the record, I'm seeing a doctor today so he can check out my foot, if you were wondering. Wow, this was long. I enjoyed writing this. Well, bye!

Unknown said...

The last time I had a few days to myself was BlogHer 08. So, yeah, who knows what I'd do with 2 whole days?!

Brittany said...

Sushi and donuts! OMG I am jealous. JEALOUS!

Anonymous said...

When I'm really alone, I'll sit down at the old pump organ and attempt a few right-handed hymns.

Anonymous said...

Oh man how I look forward to having even a SINGLE day to myself, some time in the distant future.

I'd probably do some cleaning, and then read, read, read. Go pick up some Thai food from my favorite restaurant, open a bottle of wine, and then read, read, read some more. Go to bed early and sleep in, too! And yes, completely relish the silence.

Sra said...

I think a lot of people veg out when they get time alone. I like playing video games and not taking showers.

But on the occasion that I do go out, I like to take a book to a coffee shop and read while drinking lattes. I have also been known to go on a bike ride or a walk.

Irrational Dad said...

Your weekend diet makes my stomach hurt just from thinking about it.

When I'm alone, I watch movies (we've got like 600 DVDs, I think), listen to music, and surf the web. Oh, and video games if the mood strikes.

Glad you were able to get some alone time. That reminds me that I need to give my wife a baby-free night soon.

Gina said...

I have been lucky enough to get maybe a weekend day by myself, and I did similar to what you did; I didn't watch T.V.; did surf the internet, but I did NOT eat sushi.

Natalie said...

citizen of the world - i loved having time to myself. it was so nice. it was great to have absolutely no responsibilities for a bit!

mamadallama - i wasn't bored at all the entire weekend. i rarely get bored. there was plenty to do and nothing that needed to be done at the same time. loved it!

emily - you know i would probably want to do the same thing! i didn't listen to music which is strange. normally i would listen to music and sing alone, but i was enjoying the quiet! glad you had fun! even if you did have to stay up late and party!

headless mom - i know! it was awesome!

brittany - sushi and donuts are the best when you can eat as much as you want and not worry about sharing or seaweed in your teeth!

anon - i should have tried to play the piano. it's been years! i have no idea if i could actually play anything or not. i don't seem to remember anything offhand.

andrea - i know! in turkey i would get single days or parts of single days when the kids were in school and brian was gone, but 40 hours straight was something amazing!

sra - it was funny. i had no desire to leave my house. the weather was nice and i did wander the backyard, but i just enjoyed being in my house alone!

joe - well it made my stomach hurt, but it tasted yummy! i usually like to watch movies too. i'm sure your wife would love a baby free night! we all need those once in awhile!

gina - well sushi isn't for everyone i guess. i love it though!