Friday, May 11, 2007

Week in Review

This week several exciting things happened around here.

1. Erica got her braces off! She is really happy about that, and she looks old! The following picture doesn't really tell the whole story, because it had to be a close-up in order to see her newly straightened teeth. You can almost hear her saying "Mommmmm!" in this picture!

2. I made granola bars. This is something I would have never done in America. There are too many good brands of granola bars there! The recipe called for raisins and walnuts, but I left those out and added chocolate chips. The kids loved them, and the recipe was easy! The only thing I didn't have was wheat germ which is hard to find here so I used flax seed that I ground into a powder in my coffee grinder. (I didn't have the flax seed either...I had to buy it at the store...geez...I'm not that healthy!) I will be making them again with coconut and chocolate chips! They were yummy!

3. I wore capri pants! The weather is finally warm enough that I can wear short sleeves and capris and not get chilled. The sun has been out which lifts my spirits considerably. I wasn't depressed or anything, but I love the sun! Not the heat mind you, but a nice warm day that doesn't make you sweat when you walk outside. (That happened in Houston a lot...the sweating when I walked out of my door part.)

4. Anna Grace got a black eye. She and a friend were walking home from school and somehow managed to bump into each other. She got home and had a nice red puffy place under her eye, and the next day it was black. We made up all kinds of fun stories about how she got her black eye, but in the end told her to tell the truth when asked!

5. Will won Honorable Mention in the science fair. He did his project on soil porosity. Brian went to several small towns around Ankara and collected soil samples for Will to test. He predicted which one would hold the most water based on their looks and feel. His prediction was wrong, but he didn't really care. We had so much going on the week of the science fair that Will said he didn't care what grade he made on his project. One of his best friends won Best of Show for a water rocket he built. Will thought the rocket was cool, but said he didn't want to work as hard as it would take to win Best of Show.

That's all folks.


Gina said...

And I can honestly say I was there to witness his project being put together!! Good job Will!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Erica looks beautiful--and grown up!! Congrats to Will!! Kudos to Anna Grace on her first black eye (what else do you say to that??)! What's Jacob up to??