Friday, May 04, 2007

Finally flowing!

Yesterday Brian took the chocolate fountain back to the store. He explained the problem, and they gave him another one...after making sure it worked first! Tonight we tried it out. It worked beautifully! The chocolate came cascading down. I think I will need to make more chocolate next time, because the flow wasn't full enough. Also there are legs you can adjust to make sure the chocolate flows evenly. We had a lopsided flow. The kids didn't care though. By the time we were done everyone had chocolate faces and hands, the table was covered with chocolate drips, the floor needed mopping, and I had chocolate in several places on my shirt. I only ate two strawberries and a small cube of angel food cake dipped in chocolate, but I managed to get chocolate on the back of my shirt as well as the front. I think it was from some kid's hand or leaning on the table or something!

As I've shared the news about owning a chocolate fountain with several people I have started to worry. I am worried that people will ask to borrow it. After the experience of the first one not working and smoking up the house I don't think I am comfortable with loaning it out. It wasn't cheap, and I don't want to have to take another one back. I will give anyone the recipe for the chocolate fondue used in the fountain though. It is so yummy that I could eat it with a spoon, and the kids (and their parents) didn't even care that the fountain didn't work the first time...the chocolate tasted great drizzled over all the yummy sides! And it sure was less of a mess to clean up!

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Gina said...

Hey..we're having a get-together at our house next week for the graduating BSU college students; and I was just wondering.....can I borrow your chocolate fountain now that it works?? HA...j/k. Glad you were able to exchange it.