Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day we went out to eat. We piled 19 people in our 13 passenger van and went to the mall. Some of us had Burger King, and others had Chinese food. Only 2 of the 19 were actually mothers. Brian bought himself a coffee from Starbucks and the movie Nacho Libre from the book store. He tried to give me the movie after he bought it saying "Happy Mother's Day!", but I knew better. Jacob and Anna Grace each made a Love and Kindness coupon for me in church this morning. Jacob's coupon said "Today I will..." and he filled in the blank. He wrote "Today I will...ask for a Star Wars episode." I'm not sure how that shows love to me, but he liked it! Anna Grace made me a bookmark and two cards in school, Will made a fancy folding card in school, and Jacob said he left his present for me at school so I guess I'll be getting that tomorrow. Erica is in 7th grade which means no more homemade presents from school. I guess they are supposed to be responsible enough to do something on their own. She wasn't. The funny thing about all this is that I am not bothered by people forgetting Mother's day or my birthday or even my anniversary. I don't need big celebrations to feel loved or appreciated. I do enjoy watching the kids when they have something for me. I love seeing them get excited about their presents. That's probably the most fun! And after last year's FAG bag no present will ever compare! See my post from last May for a great picture! Happy Mother's Day!


Bteacher99 said...

I had no idea the blog had such a history. I'm saving it for some entertaining summer reading!

Gina said...

Ah..the mall....we went to McAlister's. I received some nice lotion and body spray, 2 necklace pendants, and my hubby got me a watch! (remember that I had complained that I never knew what time it was!!) So I had a good Mother's Day as well!!