Saturday, March 27, 2010

Whee - Feb 18

The principal called me today to ask for the phone numbers of my references. I hadn't put any on the application which I explained in my interview. At the time I filled out the application Panera didn't know I was applying for another job. I was worried about jeopardizing my job by giving them the phone number. (Turns out I was right to think that!) Today I was able to give the principal 4 references, 3 from Panera and 1 from my principal at my last school, 15 years ago. Calling my references...that's a good thing. I don't know if I will hear something tomorrow or not. Last Friday she told me she wanted to make a decision by tomorrow, but when I talked to her today I didn't ask her if that was still the case. I figured I could give her a few more days to make a decision.

After I got off the phone I did a cartwheel in the backyard. Not so much because I almost have the job though. My youngest challenged me to a cartwheel contest to see who could do the better cartwheel. She's 10, but I'm limber. I'm also 40. I felt every bit of those 40 years as I turned myself upside down. My right thigh muscles pulled tight and my wrists hurt a little when it was over. I should have stretched, and I'm not used to holding my weight on my hands! But I won! She may be 10, but she sucks at cartwheels! I could have totally kicked her cartwheeling butt when I was her age! As it is I did the full cartwheel without losing my balance too much. She totally fell over at the end of hers. HA HA! I won!

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