Saturday, March 27, 2010

Falling off the bike...over and over. - Mar. 7

I survived my first week but so needed the weekend to recover. It's Sunday, and I'm still tired.

Kindergarten is hard! The material the state requires a child to know by the end of their kindergarten year far surpasses what I taught to my students 15 years ago. Several years ago they made some huge changes to the curriculum. It will take me a little time to figure it all out.

The kids are also quite different from the ones I taught 15 years ago. They don't seem phased much by consequences or rewards. That's going to take some work on my part as well. How to keep a classroom running well while teaching what they need to know. I'm not there yet.

I'm older than I was when I taught last time. All the newness and uncertainty of the past week knocked me on my butt. By Wednesday night I was so tired that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. A friend came over and took me to dinner. At least that's the story I was told. I barely remember it. There was leftover Chinese food in my refrigerator so I guess it really happened.

I barely saw my kids. I went to work an hour early and stayed an hour late just about every day. I went to the teacher supply store three times. I was in bed by 9:30 every night.

I teach this week and then have a week for Spring Break. I am so happy about that! I think a week to recover from my first two weeks of teaching is just what I need.

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