Thursday, July 09, 2009

Day one

We came to Oklahoma to visit some of our closest friends from Turkey. The ones we camped with in this post. The ones we shared Thanksgiving with in this post. And I talked specifically about Shawn here. I'm sure they are scattered elsewhere throughout this blog as well.

Today is day one of our trip. So far we've...

dressed up in all kinds of outfits.

Jacob decided to join in as well. I must say he makes an ugly girl! The old lady hair and goggles certainly don't help his look any!

There have been water balloon fights.

Joint Nintendo DS games.

Face rearranging.

Turkish food making...

And eating.

Did I mention dressing up?

And this was only the first day. Tomorrow we have Chuck E. Cheeses, rollerskating, a possible concert in the park, and renting movies for late night movie watching planned. Read the above post about Shawn to understand how much fun we have been anticipating having. It will be a jam-packed few days. My kids are in heaven! And I'm tired already! I love that.


becky marshall said...

hooray for friends with whom the heart feels at home!

Amazing Greis said...

Have a fun trip. Looks like you already are. :)

Crystal DeLong said...

Love those Lands.