Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I keep thinking about this blog and how I should update it. We have so much going on but none of it is blog worthy. I guess I will give you a bullet point update.

~ The movers came and packed up the stuff we are sending back to the states. Mostly some books, Turkish items, photo albums, and glassware. We decided that none of those things needed to be put in storage.

~ Because we are getting rid of our apartment we have gone through what was left and packed some things for storage, some things for giving away, and some things to take back with us. This will be an ongoing process over the next 19 days.

~ laundry, cooking, cleaning.

See. Really nothing exciting to report. I am hoping to do one last Turkish food review before we leave here. I might take the kids to the store with me to pick out a few things. That might make it extra interesting!



Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like the move is well underway! As to 'nothing exciting to report' I think that sums up my life and is why I don't have a blog. The laundry, cooking, cleaning cycle is in full swing here and that's about it. Interspersed with periodic frenzies of painting. Because I really hate painting and have to get psyched up for it. That's what I should be doing now, instead of surfing the 'net. But not today! Yay!

Anonymous said...

How long are you going to stay in the U.S. this time? Are you going back to Turkey again?

Anonymous said...

this is me in my very best whiney voice "i want some turkish food..."

The Over-Thinker said...

The 2nd anonymous commenter stole my question!! Well, I never!! :-)

How long will you be staying in the states?

Irrational Dad said...

How long is the stuff in storage going to stay in storage??

Lost In Splendor said...

My questions echo the over-thinker and Anony #2.

Anonymous said...

Does your husband work for the same company in the states that he works for in Turkey?

LiteralDan said...

Nothing exciting, or nothing not insanely stressful and bittersweet?

I can't imagine the logistics involved in this move, and I don't envy you for it. But good luck, and I'm sure you guys are doing great!

Stay away from the blog and make the most of your last days. (Then come back on and tell us about it.)

Andrea said...

It's funny. You are leaving on my daughter's birthday, so when I thonk about the timeline before her birthday, I think about you moving also. I haven't even met you, but I am anticipating the stress, excitement, and sadness of your move. I agree with LD-enjoy your last days there!! You can blog while you are in transition.

Momo Fali said...

I do not envy the massive job of moving a family, let alone doing so from a different continent!

Natalie said...

wow! some anonymous comments. i'm not used to those.

anon 1 - i haven't had anything to report all week. this is why there are no posts. i am hoping that all changes when we get back to america!

anon #2 - we will be in the states for at least 7 months. beyond that we aren't sure.

friyet - come visit in the next 2 weeks and i'll take you out for some yummy turkish food.

overthinker i know...how rude! see my answer above.

joe - at least 7 months. maybe longer.

sparkliesunshine - hm...again...same answer. you are a curious bunch!

anon #3 - yes he does. when we are in the states he is able to have a little bit of a break from work though. he needs it!

literaldan - you got it. insanely stressful and bittersweet. i have barely even checked this blog. it has been strange not to be here. i'll be back though.

andrea - i will be blogging in transition for sure. i don't think i will have a choice!

momo fali - i know. it is crazy. but it has to be done!

Jeff and Erin said...

you're coming home on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me - right?! Let me know if you guys are in Waco before late January...after that let me know if you are in Iraq =)

Anonymous said...

eeek! can't wait to see you! oh, and if you planning on taking us along with some of your old buddies here to Turkish foods- there had better be some turkey!!! ok that wasn't as funny as it was in my head. i bet that was the first time you've heard THAT one. ;-) I'm going to get you back by making my family take y'all to some crazy Mexican or Chinese resturaunt. See you soon! get some deserved r&r.

Natalie said...

erinleigh - yea! happy birthday to you! and yes...we will be in waco for christmas. not sure what days exactly, but we will be in town!

supersmartkooger - i know! only a few more days. a week from tomorrow we will be at church! i will eat anything...mexican, chinese, seafood. should we have an eating challenge? see who will eat the weirdest food?

Anonymous said...

Heard you like Papados. ?

Natalie said...

supersmartkooger - yep. we will be eating there soon after we arrive home! i can't wait! would you eat fried alligator? or frog legs?