Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blast from the Past - Part 2

Ok. I know I said I wasn't going to write another blog post before I left Turkey, but I got an email today that makes it necessary! Remember that blast from the past post I wrote back in July? The one that talked about Adam Levowitz and Tina Schwettman? Go on. Go back and check it out if you have forgotten...I can wait. Just make sure to come back and finish reading this post.


Back? Good.

So my email today said this...

Natalie, this is Tina Schwettmann! OK, so that goes a long way back. Adam found me on Facebook and told me about this post.

In the email I learned that her last name is actually SchwettmanN. I seemed to have forgotten that last N. I also learned that she moved after 8th grade as well so none of the three of us continued on to high school with our other junior high friends. To "meet" again after all these years is so funny to me! Ah...the joys and wonders of the internet!


Lost In Splendor said...

That is a really fun thing about blogging.

LiteralDan said...

Next you guys need to connect with at least one school slut, nerd, and bully, and you'll have yourselves a tidy little miniature high school!

Anonymous said...

What a fun and roundabout way to reconnect with old friends! Thanks for letting us in on the fun!


Irrational Dad said...

I can barely remember the names of people I graduated with (1996). When they find me on Facebook or MySpace, I stare at their pictures, trying to remember... I get nothing.

HeyJoe said...

Some how this reminds me of that Schewetty balls SNL skit.


Anonymous said...

hey! if it wasn't for the internet i wouldn't have "met" you! i'm also glad that your hunch was confirmed! once again, have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

That's so cool.

Good luck in the move!

Natalie said...

sparkliesunshine - i know. made me laugh!

literaldan - ok then...i need to find...wait...i can't call anyone a slut, nerd or a bully. you've seen how easy it is to find people on here. i don't want people mad at me!

mamadallama - it was fun! thanks for sharing!

joe - i know...there are people who know me that i can't remember. thankfully my memory is pretty good most of the time.

heyjoe - i must have missed that one!

friyet - thanks! i love the internet and my blogging buddies for sure!

citizen of the world - i agree. cool.