Friday, August 15, 2008

Contest #2...yeah...that number 2.

While camping...

Two of us pooped in the woods. Two of us didn't need to go while we were camping. Two of us needed to go but refused to go in the woods making us leave our campsite 2 hours before we planned so they could use a squatty. Since we are talking about going number 2, since we performed in twos AND since this is my 2nd contest I will send 2 Turkish bookmarks to the first two people who can guess who was who.

Tell me who pooped in the woods, who didn't need to go while we were camping, and who needed to go but refused to go in the woods. Oh...only two guesses per person please!

If you are new to my blog and aren't sure what names to use in your guesses we are Brian, Natalie, Erica, Will, Jacob, and Anna Grace. We are pictured on the sidebar for your viewing pleasure!

For more on our camping adventures see here!


Brittany said...

Pooped: Natalie, Will
Didn't have to: Jacob
Refused: Brian, AG

Anonymous said...

Went: Brian, Will
Didn't have to: Natalie, Jacob
Refused: Erica, Anna Grace


jfoodyum said...

Jacob-refused (you made a comment on an earlier blog, but maybe you are trying to trick us)
AG and Will-didn't have to
Brian and Natalie did

Lost In Splendor said...

Natalie and Will went.

AG and Brian didn't have to.

Jacob and Erica refused.

Mamadallama said...

This made me laugh out loud! And then I had to explain to my husband so there was more laughing!

Did-Brian & Will
Didn't have to-Natalie & AG
Wouldn't but needed to-Erica & Jacob

Brian said...

I was never good at those Train A, Train B logic problems..

I think that the Bears pooped in the woods.

Sra said...

Pooped: Natalie & Jacob
Didn't need to: Brian & Will
Needed to but refused: Anna Grace & Erica

HeyJoe said...

this is gross. I'm so offended.


Pooped - Will and Brian
Refused - Natalie and Erica
No need - Jacob and AG

The Over-Thinker said...

Pooped: Erica, Brian
Refused: Pizza, Jacob, AG
Didn't Have to: Natalie

P.S. The word verification for me is "ojdpu" ...awesome :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess I am disqualified from participating, since we talked on the phone and I know the answer....


Cute bookmarks!

penny said...

#2 in the woods: Brian and Anna Grace
#2 not needed: Natalie and Will
#2 refused the woods, opted for the squatty: Jacob and Erica

Anonymous said...

Best contest I've ever seen, really. Hilarious.

Pooped: Will, Anna
Didn't need to: Natalie, Brian
Refused: Jacob, Erica

I hated pooping in the woods when I was camping. And I always had to do it in the middle of the night, so I SWORE I was going to attrack bears who would kill me. I also refused to leave the tent to pee on more than one occassion. Did you know that zip lock bags really do hold liquid well? Just in care you were wondering. Heh.

Anonymous said...

pooped....Brian & Anna Grace
Didnt.....Natalie & Jacob
No need to poop...Erica & Will

I am sooo excited...my 1st poop contest!

Anonymous said...

Poopers----Will and Brian

Non-Poopers-----Erica and Natalie


Do we get 2 entries cuz there are 2 sistas?

SabrinaT said...

OK, I have to say that is the best contest I have seen on a blog thus far.

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'd like to "hear hear" sabrinat's comment. (or is it "here here!")

Brian and Will pooped.
Erica & Anna Grace didn't have to go.
Natalie and Jacob waited it out.

Loralee Choate said...

Dude. I can't even guess because I have such severe "Excrement Issues" that I couldn't even read it. (Although I tried. OH! How I tried)

I can't even SAY the "P" word.

However, you KNOW I love you because I clicked over here to comment anyway! MWAH!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pooped: Brian and Jacob

Didn't have to: Natalie and Erica

Refused: Anna Grace and Will

Tamara said...

No-Go: Brian & Erica
No Need: Jacob & Anna Grace
2 in the Woods: Natalie & Will

Can't wait to have Brian read this post!

Natalie said...

hm...so far nobody has guessed correctly. and if you are checking back here remember you are allowed to guess twice! and because there are 90 possible answers according to my husband here is a hint...

sparkliesunshine, sra, sarcastic mom, and tamara all got one person right in each category.

mamadallama - i'm glad it made you laugh. it cracked me up as well!

brian - you are right! the bears did poop in the woods. or something did. i saw poop that wasn't human, but i had no idea what bear or boar poop looked like!

heyjoe - well...it is gross! you are right about that!

over-thinker - aw...it even has pu in it. perfect.

charlie girl - yep...you are disqualified because you know too much!

sarcastic mom - thanks! it made me laugh. and no it never occurred to me to use ziploc baggies. we can't get those over here so we wash them and reuse them. i can just see my husband's face if i dumped the pee out in the morning and then washed the bag. he would be gagging for sure!

#2 - i know. a contest about poop just had to be done!

#1 - everyone gets two entries...but nobody has entered more than once!

sabrinaT - thanks! glad you enjoyed it.

nannygoats - um...hear hear i think.

loralee - this comment cracked me up. with all your talk about your...um...private parts it surprises me that you can't say poop! and you know i love you too!

Jesse said...

Pooped -Brian and Jacob

Didn't have to- Will and Anna Grace

Waited for Squatty- Natalie and Erica

Awesome contest. I love poop talk.. it's funny.