Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Contest #2 is starting to stink!

Ok. I still don't have a winner in my poop contest. I realize that this is quite a disturbing topic for some of you. Some of you don't like to talk about bodily functions. Some of you enjoy it a little too much. I usually fall somewhere in the middle. But as I wrote about our camping adventures I realized that our pooping performance or lack thereof begged to be made into a contest. If you click back to that contest you can scroll through all the wrong answers. You can spend hours trying to figure out which combination of names have already been used and how many possible answers are left. According to my husband who is way more of a mathematician than I ever hope to be there are 90 possible answers. So far all the guesses I've received are wrong. There are 4 guesses with one person right in every category. Those guessers...SparklieSunshine, Sra, Sarcastic Mom, and Tamara. Here are their guesses in their own words...

No-Go: Brian & Erica
No Need: Jacob & Anna Grace
2 in the Woods: Natalie & Will

Pooped: Will, Anna
Didn't need to: Natalie, Brian
Refused: Jacob, Erica

Pooped: Natalie & Jacob
Didn't need to: Brian & Will
Needed to but refused: Anna Grace & Erica

Natalie and Will went.
AG and Brian didn't have to.
Jacob and Erica refused.

Every category has one correct answer. Let's see if this is a good enough hint to produce a winner or two! And this contest is now open to 2 more guesses by every participant.

Tell me who pooped in the woods, who didn't need to go while we were camping, and who needed to go but refused to go in the woods.

I'm sick of all the poop talk! Please somebody hurry up and win!


penny said...

I'm going to take another go at this.

In the woods: Natalie & Anna Grace
Didn't have to go: Brian & Jacob
Refused: Erica & Will

Sra said...

Penny already got my answer.

Reminds me of LSAT Games.

Tamara said...

Ditto Penny & SRA...I don't have a second guess. This made my head hurt! :)

Anonymous said...

This is too much like 4th grade math. Which I failed. :P

Kristen said...

What a hilarious contest. Makes me feel so much better after my booger post!

Momo Fali said...

Here's my guess:

Pooped: Will & Anna

No need: Natalie & Brian

Refused: Jacob & Erica

Bteacher99 said...

Erica refused.
Brian didn't need to.
If your words are literal (one right in every category, so not "two" right)...Natalie and Will in the woods cannot be correct. One of them went, and either AG or Jacob did.
Neither Jacob nor AG refused, so that is no help.
Natalie, Will and AG can't be "no need" so Jacob is "no need" which means AG went in the woods, I think. That means Will didn't go in the woods, so he refused.

That means Erica and Will refused.
Brian and Jacob didn't need to go.
Natalie and AG in the woods.

That's my version, anyway! It's late evening, so hopefully I haven't made a silly mistake!

Bteacher99 said...

I have the same opinion as Penny, so I'm glad she'll get the bookmarks!

Anonymous said...

My head is full of shit right now!


no go ...brian & jacob
pooped...natalie & ana grace
refused....erica & will


Anonymous said...

Hm, I think I could work it out if I made some kind of mathematical chart but I would rather go eat some chocolate.

What if I told you that I personally have pooped in the woods many a time but managed to avoid pooping in a squat pot throughout the whole time I lived in Korea? Would that win?

I HOPE so!

Natalie said...

i'm so glad someone won! i wasn't sure how good the hint was because i didn't try to figure it out myself! and since most of these were guesses i am not going to comment back on all of them!

everyone - thanks for playing!

memarie lane - yep...i am with you. i hated math!

we are THAT family - thanks. i liked the booger post.

ms. morton - i'm glad to see it all worked out. i had no idea if it could be figured out from those four guesses or not.

~m - wow! now that is an accomplishment!