Thursday, January 11, 2007

Old School

Recently we have been having some internet issues. We finally had a repairman show up at our house and...gasp...it is our modem. It plugs in and looks like it should be working, but something on the inside decided to quit. We don't think we need to spend the money on a new one since we are leaving soon so we have resorted to using the old stand-by...dial up! I can't believe how slow it is! Definitely old school! It took forever to download my emails today. (I am currently at my parents' house loving their DSL as I type this blog.) What does this mean you ask? Well, no more pictures or mass emails until I get back to Turkey. I'm not sure how skype or other programs will work on dial up. We will have to just try it and see!

Exactly when will you be going back to Turkey you ask? Good question! I wish we knew! We are currently waiting on the kids' passports. We sent them in for renewal a long time ago! We still haven't received them. According to their website we should have them "on or before January 13". We already had that same message another time we checked and it said January 10. That day came and went. Now we are hopeful that we will have them in the next couple of days. Once we receive them we can give our company the go ahead to get our tickets. I have no idea what the earliest travel date will be for reservations. It may be the end of January before we will actually be leaving. We are half packed and not sure what to do with ourselves. We have kept the kids home from school after the Christmas break because we planned on being back in Turkey for the second semester of school which starts January 29. That will still be the case, but with the way things are going we might end up missing a couple of days. We will keep you posted on our plans.

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hana said...

the end of january?!?!?!?! oh dear...
good for you guys to enjoy the last weeks there. but i am really excited that you guys are coming back and i keep wondering when you'll arrive. lovely pictures! all of the kids' classmates and teachers are waiting eagerly, especially josh for will. see you soon.