Monday, March 02, 2009

We are cheap

March 2009

Yeah, we finally got around to taking a decent family picture. There was no color coordination, no formal sitting, no plan. Just us in our front yard.

Our last decent family picture. Us in our backyard.

Sept. 2006

Then there was this one...

December 2007

And this one...

June 2008

Why pay for a photographer when you can get pictures like these?


Lost In Splendor said...

I like your pictures much better than those cheesy professional pictures that look so uncomfortable, unnatural and staged.

I can only hope my future family photos look like yours.

Unknown said...

These are great. Wanna come over?

We never take good family pics. The last one was our headless family shot for Christmas this year. Yeah, headless is the only way to get a good shot of all of us. *sigh*

Sara Campbell said...

The boys have grown since you left! Tell them Eva misses them, esp. the snacks they provided!

Anonymous said...

Did you set it on a timer? :P Or did someone click it for you?

Mamadallama said...

I agree with Lost in Splendor. These shots are better than the cold, formal professional ones. These shots will always bring back memories of the time they were taken which is something that never happens with studio shots. At least you HAVE photos. We never take pictures. Sad but true. I have only taken one picture since I tried to jump off your picture-taking resolution. I need to do something about that!

Bteacher99 said...

Am I the only one who thinks Brian is wearing the same shirt in the (first) two pictures, three years apart?

Natalie said...

ms. morton - actually he is wearing the same shirt in three of the four pictures. the one where we are sitting on the couch also has the same shirt. we laughed about that and wondered if anyone would notice. i almost pointed it out in the post but decided to see if anyone else would notice! you are very observant!

Gina said...

I noticed Brian's shirt, but only in 2 of the pictures! (I even "clicked" on the pictures to make them larger to see if I was right!)

Amy said...

Natalie, I noticed the shirt right away. Please go buy that man a new shirt. Please.

Irrational Dad said...

Wife keeps saying she wants to get family pictures at a studio. I keep blowing her off.

I do have an awesome camera and a tripod... maybe I should just do it myself. durrrrrr.

Brian said...

That front yard pic is awesome, looks very professional I think.

Anonymous said...

The photo on the stairs is great, actually. And the others are fine - not too stilted or overdone. We always took the same sort of family pictures.

becky marshall said...

One Christmas i got tired of receiving all those overly cute or extravagant looking family pics of kids i don't know, who belong to old college friends or former acquaintances. I didn't know what to do with all the pictures, because something just seemed wrong about throwing away a picture of a child. But on the other hand, who wants to keep a stack of pictures of kids you don't even know? My well thought out strategy: I finally decided to just throw them away, but I also began sending all those overly cute and extravagant people unrecognizable photos of my kids, (like standing on their heads in a field of bluebonnets so you could only see their rear ends sticking up in the air, or looking down at a pile of their feet, or any other crazy idea so you never saw their faces). That way, they wouldn't feel bad if they wanted to throw away the photo of MY kids! Those pics are way more memorable than the stilted professional ones.

LiteralDan said...

I know you've been away from a lot of English speakers for a few years, but the word you're looking for is "sensible".

My wife's family is big on "professional" pictures, but my wallet and I are not. What a scam!

Your pictures are way better than most, anyway, and the backgrounds are more interesting. Good for you!

Dixon said...

Hey Natalie
At least you got a family picture... the last time I had a picture of us all together was when we got them all done together with the in-laws!!! That was now four years ago... I am hoping since we got them done when Connor was just born maybe I can get them done now since Logan was just born! But your brother in law does not sit still for photos!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are not cheap, just gets harder and harder to get everyone together at one time to get a shot.
Nice pics


Domestic Goddess said...

I am embarrassed to admit we've never had a family picture taken. Perhaps this is our year!

Joy said...

Great pictures Natalie. I still have the one with you all on the steps that was on the prayer card. Great picture.


Natalie said...

lost in splendor - i'm glad you like them! there is no way we could do the professional ones at this point. money is way too tight to pay for something like that!

headless mom - sure! i would love to come over. and i loved that headless shot. it was perfection!

sara - they have all grown. they are getting so old! and they miss eva too.

emily - i asked my neighbor to take it. she took about 15 pictures and that one was the best.

mamadallama - i like the informal ones as well. i totally wiped out on my whole take a picture a day thing. now that i have a new camera maybe i can fix that.

gina - i knew more people probably noticed!

amy - he has to prepare himself to go shopping for new clothes. and i hate to shop so he usually gets to go alone. i guess i could take him though. you have any money we can borrow?

joe - you could do it yourself! the studios are so expensive! for me it just wasn't an option at all!

brian - i liked it. and you can't see all the weeds in our flowerbeds with that shot which makes it even better!

becky - that is an awesome idea! i think i have a box of pictures of kids i don't recognize!

literaldan - sensible and poor. but we'll go with sensible. it sounds better!

dixon - true. you guys need a new one. connor looks completely different of course. you tell scott i need an updated family picture. maybe that will help!

philly - true. this day the kids came home from school and i immediately grabbed them up for a picture. i even made a couple of them change into something more picture like. an old t-shirt wasn't good enough!

domestic goddess - you guys need to take one for sure! be crazy or funny. define your life with your family picture if possible. it could be great!

joy - i have new cards with the new picture if you want one.