Saturday, February 04, 2006

Let it snow!

Standing on our balcony this is what we see!

So we decided to start a blog! I know...sounds exciting! Now since we are basically snowed in we have time for all kinds of things. The kids have had 4 snow days in the last two weeks and we are expecting snow several days this week as well. That means lots of games, TV, and some playing in the snow. And one of the cats even got in on the action the other night. Deciding to jump from our balcony to the windowsill while it was covered with snow wasn't such a smart idea. We noticed her missing and noticed the marks on the windowsill that looked like something tried to make the jump but slipped off. Also there was a windowsill a couple of floors below ours that had a nice indention in the snow where it looked like it had been hit by something. I went downstairs expecting to find a hurt or dead cat and she was sitting by the front door of our building waiting for someone to let her in. I guess the snow was soft enough and deep enough to keep her from getting hurt. With more snow expected hopefully the 30 snowplows that our city brags about can keep up with the work! And the temperatures you ask? Well the low was -4F the other day. It was really cold! I do have some warmer weather on order!


Chris Crossan said...

Wow! That weather looks positively dismal! Here in Kansas City it is snowing too. We hope the Dixon kids enjoyed their week off of school (so we hear...)

Many blessings!


Anonymous said...

I am so very, very glad you started this blog!