Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm dreaming of a pappadeaux's experience!

Now that we are thinking about and planning our time home in the states I am having strange dreams! The one type of food that I crave the most is seafood. We can get fresh fish here but nothing like what we are used to in the states. They don't eat bottom feeders like shrimp, lobster, clams, or crabs here so of course that is what I am craving. Recently I began having dreams about Pappadeauxs. In my dream everyone kept inviting our family over for dinner and of course we went. I was excited about seeing everyone but what I really wanted was to go out to eat. For the first two weeks we were back we never had the chance to go and I woke up angry that I missed eating fried shrimp and soft shell crab. In another dream I invited a friend from here to go with me to Pappadeauxs so she could try it. She couldn't decide what to eat so I ordered the soft shell crab and she ordered fried shrimp and we decided we would share. She liked it so much that she ate almost all of it herself and so I missed having it again! Brian is also counting down the days until he can have the crawfish platter which is a combination of fried crawfish and crawfish etouffee. Only 4 months to go and we will be back in the states for 7 months of seafood heaven! What is your favorite seafood? Is there something that we should put on the list to try when we are there? Let us know! We are open to suggestions!


shaun said...

I love crawfish - my mom's family is from Louisiana, so we would have crawfish boils all the time. The best part is the breaking them in half and sucking on the heads. :P I recommend crab as well.

Keep updating - I read!

mike cook said...

Hello Dixons! Yes, I read the first blog and meant to reply, but first replied to Abb's and then forgot to get to y'alls. My bad. On to business, seafood. I've never been a big fan to be honest, so I am going to go out on a limb and just suggest caviar. I had it once and thought it was aweful, but now that I am older and more sophisticated, perhaps, I would change my mind? I am looking forward to y'alls triumphant return, and expect a vistit to Austin.
-mike c. (from the Austin area).

mike and leah said...

Try Boudreaux's. It is at the corner of 249 and Gessner. Leah likes it better that Pappadeaux's.
We will meet you there.

I cut tons of firewood at Christmas from trees that hurricane Rita blew over. I was beginning to wonder whether we would get to burn any because it has been so warm. Finally, this weekend we have has some cold weather. We are sitting by the fire a the moment.

See you soon.

van fleet's

Mentanna said...

i have a recurring dream about taco villa. it is always the same...i am home for a week or so and forget to eat there. i am always mad at myself and wonder how in the world i could have done such a stupid thing. ahh taco villa...if you are in amarillo, eat a bean burrito with green sause and extra cheese for me.

Amy W. said...

We always share the blackened catfish! MMMMMmmmm, and that dirty rice... YUMMY!

Take Care!
The Warrens

Anonymous said...


I am a lobster and shrimp gal. I like most seafood, as long as the head is not still attached.