Monday, June 01, 2009


Whew...finally. Finally I can tell!

So I mentioned that something made me nostalgic for Turkey in my last blog post. That nostalgia was triggered when we had a surprise guest. Derya! Actually she wasn't a surprise to me. Brian and I knew she was coming to Texas for a couple of weeks before she actually came. We did decide to keep it a secret from the kids though. I teased them with the idea of a surprise guest a few days before she arrived. You should have heard all the guesses. I think they guessed everyone but Derya! When her car pulled up and they saw her through the passenger window there were screams all around! They were so surprised. Derya is our oldest Turkish friend. We met her the first month we lived in Turkey I think. She was someone we had only ever seen in Turkey. She had been in England getting her doctorate and came to the states for a little visit. The kids never expected to see her in America!

Derya brought a special friend with her as well. Virgil. We took them to Pappadeaux's since it was a place we had mentioned...oh...once or twice while we were in Turkey! We enjoyed seeing Derya and getting to know Virgil. Brian had the privilege of playing Dad and asking what his intentions were. He was open and honest and shared that he wanted to marry her. Wow!

As the kids tried to get hints as to who the mystery guest was they asked lots of questions. One of them was, "Has the person ever played Rock Band on the wii?" I told them I didn't think so, but I wasn't exactly sure. Nope...she had never played. We remedied that situation very quickly.

Since Derya is planning to marry an American I'm thinking we might see a lot more of her on this side of the ocean. Yay!


Marcia said...

Since Brian gets to play Dad, that makes me Grandma -- and I expect to see all my grandchildren in Texas. Congratulations, we love you Derya.

LiteralDan said...

Oh that's cool! I hope you all DO get to see her often (relatively), because I'm sure that would help the kids in their adjustment process.

maris said...

Thanks a lot, Nat! I really like that picture of us. By the way, thank you for not mentioning the details about my failure playing Rock Band. You are a true friend :o)

Brian was indeed great, but he managed to make me cry again ;o)

Marcia, thank you very much. I really liked Texas, everybody was so friendly :o)

Sara Campbell said...

Well that just makes my day!!!! Tell Derya hi.

Joe @ IrrationalDad said...

Awesome! I'm not good at keeping secrets so I doubt I would have been able to keep it from the kiddos. Kudos for that.

Mamadallama said...

Nice visit coupled with a surprise. Plain old nice! No wonder you're so nostalgic for Turkey. I'm glad you had a great visit.

BrightenedBoy said...

I have always wanted to see Texas. I spent some time living in a state in the same region and I imagine that the two places are similar.

How exciting for you to be visited by a friend from so far away.

dmarks said...

I'd like to go to Turkey some day.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Haha that cracks me up that the kids had to make sure that she played Rock Band while she was visiting.

I just realized that when my computer crashed in early April you got deleted from my blog list... but thank goodness I fixed that today!

Natalie said...

marcia - hopefully she'll be back for another visit before too long!

literaldan - it was a good thing for them. their words just spilled out as they shared all that they had been up to. it was funny to watch.

maris - i loved it too! and i have video to prove how awesome your rock band skills are! i'm saving it for something special!

sara - i know! it made mine as well!

joe - i am an awesome secret keeper. especially one that i knew would knock their socks off! it was so fun!

mamadallama - thanks!

brightenedboy - it was a nice surprise. thanks for the visit.

dmarks - it was an amazing place to live! i will always treasure the time i had there.

sarah - i know! it was so cute to watch her. she had no clue what she was doing! thanks for "remembering" me!