Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Peppers, anyone?

Okay...here's a math lesson for you. Why? Because, I would need it if I didn't live in this country and have to deal with grams and kilos myself. 1 kilogram is 2.2 pounds which means that 500 grams is 1.1 pounds. So I order my groceries, right? I ordered .3 kilos, 300 grams, or a little over half a pound of peppers. Or at least that's what I thought I ordered. What came? 3.4 kilos of peppers! That's like 7 1/2 pounds! What in tarnation am I going to do with all those peppers? I actually really like them, but I can only eat so much dipped in ranch dressing! They taste like a red bell pepper...nice and sweet. I remember when a Turkish friend bought a lot, because they were really cheap. She chopped peppers and froze them to use on pizza, in eggs, and other dishes. I honestly don't think I will ever use this many peppers! Brian actually answered the door for the groceries when they were delivered and then came in and asked me if we were having stuffed peppers for dinner. I didn't understand why 4 or 5 peppers would make him think that. (The only time I have ever made stuffed peppers was to show off some Turkish cuisine while in America.) Imagine my surprise when I saw two bags full of peppers. I tried giving them away to a few people, but nobody wanted any! I think I will see if our Turkish househelper wants some. She'll know what to do with so many!


Gina said...

Have you tried dipping them in chocolate yet??

Kayseri Protestan Kilisesi said...

Freeze them-I'm telling you, that's the way to go! I will eat them when I get there. I can't believe you did that-I was cracking up at the picture. Reminds me of the good ol' days in Maltepe.

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea:

I once bought a lot of red, yellow and orange bell peppers which I absolutely detest when they are raw. I sauteed them with some onion until they were soft and then added some tomato sauce and spices of choice and then pureed them in a food processor or blender to make a red pepper sauce. It was good on pasta, rice, chicken, etc. You could also roast the peppers in the oven and then do the same thing. Pretty yummy and much better than raw! Just something to try that was pretty easy to do.

Kristy in NC