Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

I realize it is a couple of weeks early, but Anna Grace has gotten us thinking about what we are thankful for. She was given a piece of paper with the same title as this blog. There were 105 empty blanks for her to fill in with things she is thankful for. This is what she came up with. I won't subject you to the spelling mistakes she made...you should be thankful for that!

family, mom, dad, Will, Jacob, Erica, friends, me, Eric, Tyler, Harley, teacher, Mrs. Fisher, church, school, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Lundy, Mikah, Mary Erin, Andrew, Nicholas, animals, squirrels, dog, cat, hamster, chipmunk, zebra, giraffe, body, food, drink, clothes, God, Jesus, us, grapes, bananas, pears, apples, house, everyone, TV, shirts, pants, mittens, gloves, scarf, candles, couches, chairs, pictures, camera, coconut, windows, girls, boys, cup, mug, plate, play, toys, people, Turkey, New York, Texas, Egypt, monkey, gorilla, fireplaces, computers, bible, cheetah girls, High School Musical, Zac Ephron, The Little Princess, jewelry, water, books, pillows, movies, furniture, cars, trophies, music, showers, baths, stop signs, stop lights, rocks, spirits, flowers, moon, sun, stars, earth, electricity, toilets, Jupiter, planets, coats, snow, closets, rugs, carpets

Interesting list...I know! She was proud of herself for coming up with that many.
So what are you thankful for?


Gina said...

Thankful for forgiveness when I mess up...not only from God, but humans as well!!

Amy said...

Okay, here goes... My awesome husband who loves me when I'm not so lovable. My daughter who loves Jesus with all her heart. My son who is a young man of few words. My mom who has taught me so many things. My few, close friends who will hold me accountable. The Bible. My house, my car, comfy shoes, fat pants (not tight jeans), coffee, flavored creamer, my computer, the internet, my cell phone, music, airplanes, my dog, heat (during the week of winter), air conditioner- the rest of the year, washing machine & dryer, being able to go to the grocery store and find everything I need to make dinner, having the money to buy the food at the grocery store, medicine that keeps us alive and well, --there's just so much-- I'm especially thankful for grace- I'm so undeserving...

Anonymous said...

I heard of a quote recently by a Bible Study teacher. He said what if God took away everything we forgot to thank Him for.
It really made me think.

I think Anna Grace is safe. :)
Joy B.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for Abbie, Melissa, sunshine, rain, flowers, colors, waterfalls, oceans, God creatures great and small, the smell of cherry tobacco, comfortable shoes, windows, Fall when the leaves turn, crisp mornings, warm blankets, toasty fires, good books, good friends, conversations, and the people who care for me on my worst days. I am also thankful, for new friends like you and your family.