Monday, June 19, 2006

More stuff in Turkey

Water! It is so cheap in Turkey. A 20 oz. bottle of good water costs about a quarter...even Aquafina. I tried to buy a bottle of Aquafina water from Target today and it was $1.19! I was shocked. I decided to go thirsty. Then changed my mind and went through the drive-thru at McDonalds and got a bottle of Dansani for a dollar. Wow. We have large bottles of water delivered in Turkey...usually 3 at a time for about $12. And as you can tell from the picture they are the big Ozarka like bottles. And one of my favorite things about the big bottles there is Mr. Pumpy! It is a pump you put on the bottles to pump the water out into your glass. I meant to buy one and bring it here to put on the bottles here but forgot. I guess that is okay because I don't think I could afford the bottles of water!

Our freezer. I love this upright freezer that Brian bought me for my 2nd mother's day in Turkey. The top two compartments have a plastic door that opens and the bottom four compartments are drawers that pull out. It is very handy!

Our balcony! Sitting on the deck off the back of our house in Texas just isn't the same. I was excited to be able to sit outside like we are used to doing but staring down into the backyard just doesn't compare to being able to look up and down the street outside our building. There are usually people walking around, wild dogs in the field across the street, numerous cars, buses and dolmuses driving by as well as many other activities. The weather is also really nice...no humidity to speak of...so we even eat out there sometimes. I will miss the good summer weather for sitting on the balcony. By the time we get back to Turkey it will be winter and too cold to sit out there.

I was going to post some pictures of foods that we will miss while we are in the states but I decided to wait until we actually miss them. So far we have enjoyed all the yummy things we have been able to eat and not really missed any Turkish food items. I'm sure it will come though!

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