Thursday, March 09, 2006

Free Stuff

When we first came overseas all we did was shop. We needed to buy all the furniture that we would need for living. We also needed to stock our kitchen with dishes, small appliances, bakeware, and other such items. After visiting the local equivalent of Walmart we discovered that we could get free kitchenware when we bought certain products. What a cheap and easy way to stock a kitchen. One of the comfort items that we bought quite a bit of in the beginning was Coca Cola. As we bought Coke we accumulated a collection of Coca Cola brand dishes. We got several glasses, a metal tray, and two large plates and four smaller plates...just perfect for our family of 6. We also tried several local varieties of soda and ended up with quite a collection of glasses from these companies as well. Over the last four years we have gotten several small glass bowls...most often taped to packages of pasta, several ice cream scoops and tall spoons taped to ice cream, a large plastic bowl and platter taped to knorr sauce and cream soup mixes, plastic ladles, spatulas, small cereal bowls, and of course other free food items. The great thing about these free items is that when they break you just have to go buy more food...something we would do anyway. There was a while when I avoided buying all food items that had free stuff taped to it. I was running out of cabinet space! Then I got smart and started giving some of the free stuff away.

Glasses from Fruko (similar to Sprite but more of a bubblegum flavor), Sprite, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Camlica (similar to 7up), and Fanta.

Some of the various free items we bought taped to our food and drinks!


Anonymous said...

So interesting! It's so neat to hear how things are different with you guys!!
Hope you are doing well--Lori Warnick

Anonymous said...

My grandparents collected these over here in their oatmeal "back in the day"! :)

Anonymous said...

One word- E-bay!