Sunday, October 19, 2008

Frying Cheese

In Turkey they have this yummy cheese called Hellim. I think it might actually be from the island of Cyprus. No matter...it's still yummy.

This cheese is quite hard and not at all good when eaten right out of the package. Or at least that is my opinion.

It must be sliced into little pieces and fried or grilled in order to achieve maximum yumminess! Because of the consistency of the cheese it will not melt or stick to the pan.

I like to fry mine until the outside is nice and brown and crispy. The inside is soft and chewy and salty.

Looks like I got grease on my camera lens. Must go lick it off.


Anonymous said...

My kids love cheese! Like, they can survive on it! LOL. Too bad we don't have that around here, I'd like to try it!

Irrational Dad said...

I wanna know what it tastes like. I know it's impossible to describe a taste though.

There's a bar nearby that serves "Deep-Fried Pepperjack cheese bites". OMG!!! I know they'll give me a heart attack, but they're delicious. I HATE sharing them with the wife.

Anonymous said...

Joe's right- describing a taste can be almost as hard as describing the color red to a person born blind. Try imagining that. Yeah. It's hard.

Mamadallama said...

That looks and sounds so good! I have fried cheese before but it was a softer kind. Can't even remember what it was. Now I've got a hankering for it. To the grocery tomorrow!

becky marshall said...

we rode "the bike" (honda goldwing) to wisconsin in july (yes, all the way from texas) and every where you turned they were selling something called "cheese curds". whatever they were, they were pretty durned good...fresh, fried, straight from the cow...whatever. i encourage you to add them to your list of things to do, if you ever go to wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie:)

Try "Queso Blanco" in the States!
We have found it very similar to HELLIM Peyniri:)

When are you coming back? Looking forward to seeing you guys!
Don't forget, there is a place where you can find red lentil, manti, doner and bulgur here in Houston and lots of yummy things from Turkey, Greece... It's called Phoenicia.


Will said...

We are big fans of that cheese here, especially wrapped in bacon.

I can't find my blog said...

Such a tease with the cheese. I love cheese, so maybe I'll try Nese's suggestion since I don't think we can find Hellim around here. I'm starving now!

LiteralDan said...

I love trying new cheeses-- I'm gonna have to look for this one somewhere here.

Tamara said...

Look out, Pioneer Woman....Natalie Cooks, Too!

Anonymous said...

So when you bite into it....does it have the consistancy of when you bite into a fried mozarella stick?

Did i even spell that right???


Brian said...

I NEED some of this cheese. I'm like the cookie monster. Only with cheese.

Texasholly said...

How cool. It looks like what I do to tofu...and that doesn't taste good out of the package either.

Anonymous said...

ummmm grease and salt! i bet that cheese doean't even exist where i am in utah.... but i'm gonna look!

Natalie said...

flip flop mamma - it is good. my kids love it!

joe - it is salty mostly. not a strong cheesy flavor. it is soft when hot, but gets kind of rubbery when it cools off. still tastes great though.

i remember getting fried pepperjack cheese on a stick from the corndog hut at the mall in high school and college. i loved those things!

supersmartkooger - i know. maybe i'll bring some back for people to try.

mamadallama - fried cheese in it's many forms can't be beat. yummy stuff!

becky - wow! that is a long way. biker mama! cheese curds sound delightfully delicious. i will add them to the list!

nese - ok, i'll try it. the kids and i will be back at the end of november. brian will be back around dec. 5. we will have to go to phoenicia together. sounds great!

will - cheese wrapped in bacon? just the thought makes my eyes roll back in my head. yummy. i have bacon from france. i might have to try that!

headless mom - i know. it's just so darn good.

literaldan - let me know if you find it. i would love to hear what people think of it!

tamara - now that made me laugh. especially when i look at the nasty pan and the blurry pictures. hee hee!

#2 - no. it doesn't get stringy. it is melty, but just a tad. you can easily bite it off.

brian - i know. me too. cheese is my friend.

texasholly - i may need your tofu recipe! i loved tofu when i tried it, but i've never made it myself!

friyet - grease and salt and goodness. i know!