Monday, August 18, 2008

A makeover like no other!

Anna Grace had a birthday this week. She wanted to go to Popeye's for dinner and have a sleepover. Sleepovers mean entertaining children for longer than I usually have patience for. We decided to decorate sugar cookies instead of having a cake to take up some time. I also had the fun idea to do makeovers. Not makeovers on the 7-9 year old girls...no...makeovers on a couple of adults done by 7-9 year old girls.

The participants before their fabulous makeovers...

Natalie...also known as mom.

Ms. Morton...also known as the Elementary Principal! I mean what kid wouldn't love to give their principal a makeover?

My make-up and hair artists, Abby and Mikah. This is pretty much what they did the entire time. Lots of giggling as they worked on me.

Annie and Anna Grace were tasked with making Ms. Morton beautiful. They got right to work!

It was very hard to keep a straight face when two giggling girls were trying to put lipstick on me. I did find it interesting that they started with the lipstick. Obviously they hadn't done this before!

Ms. Morton was powdered properly.

Ms. Morton having her hair styled.

Amazing! The perfect style for back to school. Easy and no fuss!

Here we are after our amazing makeovers.

I gave the boys the job of taking pictures. There were lots of blurry ones and very few I could actually use! There were no pictures taken of my hair styling despite the fact that it took quite a long time. I was braided and rebraided several times before they declared it done. Thanks to Ms. Morton for being a great sport!


Anonymous said...

Pipi Longstockings? Not sure I spelled that correctly, but that is who comes to mind...

Both of you are very good sports!

Happy Birthday to A.G.!

Anonymous said...

i can''t get over how young you look! and you have four kids?! what's your secret? you give the rest of us hope ;)
and i remember my own make-over's on my mom, i remember her looking much more absurd after my work...

penny said...

The two of you were such good sports! And the girls did a better job than I expected.

Lost In Splendor said...

You know, I was reading an article on Vogue on Summer hair styles and they featured the pony tail with all the ties like Mrs. Morton has on.

This looks like it was a lot of fun. I think I would have loved getting to do this when I was 7-9. You're both such good sports.

Anonymous said...

You two are SO brave. Not only to let 7-8 year old girls give you make-overs, but to trust them with your makeup!

They did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Not bad, I was expecting much worse.

Mamadallama said...


Me. Here. Right now. said...

Thank goodness my daughter can't imagine putting lipstick on me or she would have last time she had a sleepover and they did makeovers.

Rhonda said...

So now you all look like you're ready for Project Runway.

What a fun time! Um, can you say "Everybody Wang Chang tonight? Is that how it goes? LOL

Rhonda said...

wang chung?

Natalie said...

charlie girl - pippi longstockings? yeah...i guess so. i won't be sporting the braids anywhere outside of this house!

peachy - my secret? i have no idea. i color my hair...there are too many grays to pull out! maybe if i went natural i would look older! i just turned 39, but most days i feel much younger! i'm glad!

penny - they did a much better job than i expected too! i was relieved to not look like a tramp!

sparkliesunshine - i was impressed with those girls for coming up with that idea. i'll let you know if i see ms. morton sporting that look at school!

andrea - well i did pick and choose what i allowed them to use. i left out the mascara...i wasn't too keen on getting poked in the eye!

memarie lane - i was too. thankfully we didn't look like hussies when they were done!

mamadallama - thanks!

hahn - well i decided it was more appropriate for them to give up make-overs than give them to each other. and i knew there would be lots of laughing over it all!

rhonda - i guess i should have let them design an outfit for us as well. wang chung...that brings me back!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cool principal.

Natalie said...

that girl - i know! she is pretty cool!